Bath & Body Works | New Fall Floor Set Reveal Today - Give Thanks Body Care And Home Collection

Happy Monday! 

The Monday after a Bath and Body Works floor set is always a happy one, isn't it? I will not be heading out to the store today to see the changes made over night. I plan on stopping in one day this week to check out the new there, and I am currently looking over the online site to see what has popped up as well.

Last night on social media I saw plenty of store photos of the new body care out and those photos showed the Faceted Collection as well as the Give Thanks Collection hitting the shelves. So far online this morning there is no sign of the Faceted items. Boo.

While I have so many of the lotions and body creams from the Faceted Collection already, I want to purchase those beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist bottles.

One other thing to make note of. When I inquired as to the collection scents I have as being all there was, I was told Forever Red was going to be part of the Faceted Collection.

To date, I have yet to see anything confirming that. Fingers crossed that it is because it certainly would fit into that theme.

While those beautiful shades of pink faceted bottles don't seem to fit in for this time of year as a collection, I thought it could be a nod towards Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness month...even unofficially.

It would be a wonderful thing for this brand to celebrate the various happenings throughout the year and say they are. Of course when that happens, and you leave out something you can get some push I suppose that is why they don't formally do things.

The Faceted Body Care Collection would be a great gift any time of year truly. The scents they have chosen for the collection are perfect as year round fragrances and the bottle designs are the perfect accent to any place you want to sparkle things up. I would advise if you want them for another time, (say Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays) to gift, grab them now as I am not sure how long they will be out.

The Give Thanks Collection of Body Care is online with a few forms of it missing in a few of the scents but I am sure they will be added either later today or this week.

I saw the single wick candle was added online for the Aromatherapy Stress Relief Collection. It may have been there sooner, I only saw it today for the first time.

As new is added online, I will post them here and on my social media sites. If you are going into the stores to try out some of the new fragrances, be sure to let me know what your favorites are and be safe as you shop. Have a great day!

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