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You're The One.

You''re Confident, Sparkling, Beautiful.

I don't know when we will see this New Bath and Body Works fragrance released, but I am so looking forward to trying it out in all of the forms that will be available when it does. And I wanted to jot down a few thoughts of the scent as I wear it.

The scent notes of You're the One are White Birch, Velvety Rose, and a Drop of Strawberry Nectar.

We know that they give us the bare bones note wise when something is released. Later, we come to find out the top, heart and base notes of each scent. Hopefully, we can see all of those quickly.

I wore this fragrance in the Body Cream all day today and the staying power was impressive. It came through the long sleeves on my shirt.

My first impressions when I put this on was - it smells expensive.

Perfect for Fall.

Not a typical scent in my fragrance wardrobe from Bath and Body Works.

Oriental feel scent notes...and by that I mean it quickly reminded me of that Berries and Incense candle...and not that it smells like incense it was an impression I had at first sniff.





It changes on dry down on me. I get wood. And the rose. It is NOT another rose scent per se...I keep coming back to that oriental scent note feeling. A richness.

I am enjoying this fragrance and it is nothing I would gravitate to, yet I want to breathe it in over and over again.

Could it be something we have had previously? Could be. We all have a huge scent wardrobe and over time the scent notes all start to blend together from all that we have. I will research it a bit and see if it matches anything I can remember.

I was able to purchase this and give it a try before it releases. And I recommend that you give it a try when we see it arrive in stores and online. Don't try to smell this through a mask...on that little piece of paper in a store. Put it on your skin to see how it develops with your body's chemistry.

The packaging on the Body Cream is beautiful, even in the international packaging. It is red, and sparkly with holographic triangles that look also like little hearts and a red pearl-like cap to finish off the look.

I wonder, if there will be other scents in this collection...and I wonder what the collection will be called.

Time, will tell. And then, so will I.

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