Bath & Body Works | Room Spray Email Sale - And Why I Didn't Purchase Any

This week's Bath and Body Works Room Spray email coupon $3.95 sale was very tempting to shop. There were a few fragrances I would have liked to add to my collection and I did stop in the store while running errands...but with these scents still brand new in my back up box, I planned on waiting until holiday fragrances come out before adding more.

You can tell by the labels on the sprays some of these are pretty old and yes, very potent. A few sprays of these are all you need to freshen up any area and it takes some time to finish a can of spray...unlike the other grocery store brands of room spray. I do like those too and I have some of them as well. But I find after I spray those and enjoy the fragrance at that moment, the scent disappears.

So with over 40 cans of spray in backup, along with those already in use...I better get spraying...

Holiday is quickly approaching.

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