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Sunday, 17 May 2020 21:33

Bath & Body Works | Bold Blooms Body Care Collection - Blooming Garden Fragrance

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Bath and Body Works Bold Blooms Body Care Collection was released a month or so ago with four Signature Scents to fall in love with this spring. 

But were there only four scents planned for this collection?  Apparently not. 

Which doesn't surprise me at all because like candles, body care scents are also tested and occasionally a few never make the cut. 

Months ago when I saw the paperwork for this Bold Blooms Collection it only showed the four scents we saw released; Fresh Cut Lilacs, Champagne Toast, Whipped Vanilla Chiffon, and Black Cherry Merlot.  I was thrilled to see a New Fresh Cut Lilacs scent and happily, it was the smell of a true lilac. The Black Cherry Merlot and the Champagne Toast were re-packages, not unexpected, and we had that Whipped Vanilla Chiffon scent tossed in there for whatever reason.

The calendar pages flip and we have a new month with new fragrances to go crazy for...and while checking them out, buying a few on the secondary market to have now and ordering the rest online to complete my collection, I stumbled across something that has the look of the Bold Blooms Collection.  And I bet it was once thought of to be included.

Blooming Garden - Enjoy Spring's fresh florals just picked in the morning dew.  Fresh-picked Poppy, Spring Waters, and Sky Blue Amber.

As I have mentioned before, with a collection name of Bold Bloom's, I would have liked to see all florals make up the collection.  New, or repackages, just true florals.  Tossing in Champagne Toast and Black Cherry Merlot and whatever that Vanilla Chiffon was seemed off.

I will share my thoughts on this scent in a few days but here is a First Look at Blooming Garden...the fragrance that was not included in the Bold Blooms Collection.


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