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Friday, 22 May 2020 14:15

Bath & Body Works | The Beginning of Stores Reopening with Semi-Annual Sale Testing - May 12, 2020

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Bath and Body Works Stores are Reopening!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my postings on Bath and Body Works stores reopening in a few, select states beginning May 12th. And slowly a few more stores opened and customers began flocking to them to see what is new. I shared the stores' names/addresses that were opening and I will list them below.  For those who live in those areas, their daily email from the company included the stores scheduled for reopening.

We are hearing from those who ventured in these stores that there are many social distancing/sanitizing protocols set up for safer shopping.  Here is what I know so far.

  • workers will be wearing masks/gloves
  • the store will continuously be sanitized
  • a limited number of customers can be in the store at any time ( 5-15 depending on the store size )
  • no blue mesh bags to shop with, you will take a store bag at the front door to accommodate the items of your purchase
  • you will follow the directional arrows on the floor keeping a distance from you and other customers
  • you can use the sink if needed
  • there is sanitizer to use upon entering
  • no cash will be accepted, credit/debit/gift cards only
  • no returns will be processed at this time, but the company is standing by their 100% happiness guarantee for returns to take place at a later time
  • plexiglass protectors at the registers
  • counters will be sanitized after every transaction
  • the keypad is plastic covered for easier sanitation after every transaction
  • your purchase will be rung out and the bag will be stapled shut with the receipt attached and you can leave the store

As the stores opened, some were reporting on social media that select stores in Ohio began a Semi-Annual Sale test of sorts in stores to see how that would fare.  A semi-annual sale WITHOUT the famous red box bins.  How awesome!  That is something that I have hoped for in forever.  I understand that the red bins are an iconic staple for this sale.  They are the holders of the sale "treasures" and you can't have a "treasure hunt" without something to hold the treasures.  But with year after year of gooey bottles and wasted product, it took a virus to get the items out of the boxes...and onto the tables and shelves (where they belong).

With my area currently still in the red phase (until May 29th), I don't expect to see any of my stores opening any time soon.  And as excited as I am to see Bath and Body Works beginning to test out the waters on reopenings, I wouldn't take a drive to another city/state to see how the process is taking shape. I think that is a bit selfish, and there is nothing in a store, any store, that would be cause for me to go into another area, and state to shop.  While shipping/delivery times from online shopping is still at 3 weeks, I am happy to support this company through online shopping.

Here are some of the states that are reopening stores:


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