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Bath & Body Works | Sugared Cherry Crisp, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, Strawberry Poundcake, Sparkling Plum Prosecco, and Vanilla Mocha Cafe

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Bath and Body Works New Fall Themed Fragrances.

Fall is my most favorite time of the year on so many levels and fragrances from Bath and Body Works fit right into my love of the season.  It is the time I unwind from the heat of the summer and ready myself for the cozy, sweater weather cooler nights and the months of holidays to come.

There is something about that time of year that makes me chose a different, less florally, feminine kind of fragrance. And I am never disappointed with the choices offered by Bath and Body Works.

I was able to purchase some of the New scents I expect to see as part of a fall collection of fragrances ( unless they were only tested and failed )  and here are a few thoughts after trying them.

Fall Body Care: Chalkboard Inspired Labels

Strawberry Poundcake - Fresh Strawberries, Golden Shortcake & Whipped Cream  

Sparkling Plum Prosecco - Juicy Purple Plums, Wild Blackberry, Sparkling Citrus

Sugared Cherry Crisp - Bright Cherry Delight, Crumbled Graham Cracker, Spun Vanilla Sugar

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - Pumpkin latte, Toasted Marshmallows, Creamy Sandalwood, Praline Musk

Vanilla Mocha Cafe - Cozy Cappuccino, Vanilla Orchid, White Tonka Bean

I haven't found the Fine Fragrance Mists for this collection yet so I am not sure how the labels will look on those but I am love, love, loving the chalkboard inspiration on the Body Lotion, Body Cream, and Shower Gels I did get. 

I am also asked, are these the only scents coming??  Will there be more?  I guess we will be seeing a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin fragrance somewhere in some Fall collection, I mean that is a Fall staple fragrance...and I think a Pumpkin Cupcake fragrance would fit right into this look so perhaps that could be coming too??  I know there are plenty of fragrance fans asking for its return.

What is the Collection name?  I haven't heard yet.  Vanilla Mocha Cafe, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, and Sparkling Plum Prosecco are drink inspired...and Sugared Cherry Crisp and Strawberry Pound Cake are it can be called ANYTHING...haha.

Are these all repeat fragrances?

Well... Yes. We know that Strawberry Poundcake is and a delicious one at that.  It does smell to me to be the same as the previously released scent formulation and I am glad to see it make it to a fall theme packaging.  Sort of fall-themed.  I mean Black Cherry Merlot and Champagne Toast are redone in collections for almost every month's release so freshening up the pound cake scent label is okay by me.  A Blueberry something would have been nice...add in an apple scent too. 

The bottle of Lotion is a US label and the Body Cream is in international packaging so there isn't too much info on it.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is as perfect as always.  I love that bit of spice scent to it on the dry down on me.  While I was trying on the Body Cream my husband walked past and mentioned something smelled good.  The packaging of this is a US label and it does have a saying on it.  " Close your eyes and breathe in the cafe-crafted aromas and decadent sweet smells of fall."

Now for Vanilla Mocha Cafe.  I have been wearing this scent for the past two days in the hot heat of 90 degree days here, ( with humidity ) ugh... and again, my husband remarked that something smelled really good.  This kind of scent is not one I would gravitate to usually, and oddly enough I do like it.  It is tough for me to describe...because it smells familiar to me in one way like a cinnamon caramel swirl hand sanitizer and I have been trying to figure out if it was a redo of something we have had before...or was it a candle scent I have smelled.  I have gone through my entire collection of scents comparing it to see if I have anything with this scent or these notes. 

When I put the lotion on the first thing I get is a rich, creamy coffee-ish scent.  Not the kind of smell like I just dumped my latte in my is balanced out with a sweet, vanilla-like smell and a hint of a floral.  It changes on me as it dries down and as I keep checking it, I got almost a tobacco-ish note.  Like pipe tobacco, not cigarette tobacco.  Gosh, this smells so familiar. 

I am a girl who loves florals because they are girly and we all want to smell pretty, right?  Gourmand and woody scents bring out warmth with our body chemistry that works to make it smell like fragrance...not spilled food.  And I can say that I do like this scent and will purchase the companion forms when it releases...and I would recommend trying it on in the store to see how your chemistry works with it.  Could this be our first mocha coffee scent?  I can't wait to read what y'all think and how the scents work with you.

Sparkline Plum Prosecco.  I was only able to buy the Shower Gel in this fragrance and it is hard to get a true scent from something that won't have many layers and dry down notes to it.  It is fruity and citrusy and smelled great in the shower and stayed on my skin for a bit afterward.  I can't wait to get at least a lotion to see the depth of this scent.

Sugared Cherry Crisp.  I was only able to buy the Shower Gel in this fragrance as well, and it is hard to get a true scent without those scent layers...but I can share a few things about this.  To me, this is NOT CHERRY COUGH FORMULA at all.  The cherries are sweet, and you can smell the crust... almost like those store-bought sweet cherry hand pies with the sugary-glaze over them.  I wish the Shower Gel was a bit stronger a scent but it was a nice fragrance to wash with.  I am hoping to get the lotion in this quick to give a better review.

We all interpret fragrance differently and what a fragrance may trigger in me may be different for you.  I do recommend if you can try these out when they launch in stores to see what you think about them.  While you may not want to smell like a cherry pie all day, the shower gel is a nice way to break up your shower routine.


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