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Bath & Body Works | New Sunset Glow Signature Body Collection - Released Online And In Stores Today - July 20, 2020

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It is a Happy Monday for sure because Bath and Body Works New Sunset Glow Body Care Collection has been added to store shelves and a few forms of it have shown up online today. We heard that the stores were doing an updating sort of set for today and from the photos showing up on social media sites, people are out shopping and finding plenty of new scented pretties.

I miss the good ole days with a scheduled release of things in stores and the online site getting them released a week sooner.  Heck, I miss stores and being able to walk in and find something new daily.  I trust when it will be my time to shop, the stores here will open...and I will decide if I want to stand in long lines. And I know the lines will be long because, well, it's the place you go to smell The Happy...and we have been denied The Happy for a LONG time.

Captivating like a beautiful sunset, addictive like a sugar rush. This is a sweet treat that you've been craving. Inspired by warm summer nights and delicious confections.  Sunset Glow is free-spirited perfection from sunrise to sunset.

Scent Notes: Fresh Coconut, Sparkling Cherry Seltzer, Dreamy Moonflower, and Caramelized Vanilla.


Sunset Glow Signature Body Care Collection:
Available in:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Body Lotion
Body Cream
Shower Gel
Whipped Glow-tion
Glowing Body Scrub
Moisturizing Body Wash
Travel Sizes
Single Wick Candle
Wallflower Bulb
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