A New Candle Collection is beginning to hit stores slowly and I wanted to share a little of what I know about it. It is called the White Barn Ceramics Candle Collection.

The three-wick candles are pre-priced at $26.50 and the lids are made of ceramic and glazed to match the label. They look really pretty.  I will update this post with photos and the rest of the candle names shortly.

While its release date is still unknown, Bath and Body Works have another new Signature Fragrance ready to hit the shelves soon.

Doesn't this have a Mother's Day Feel to it?  Easter?

I expect to be very busy this year...with plenty of fragrances to talk about. Continue on for more information...

 A few New Tropical Candle Collections have been shared on social media and thanks to @scents_galore we get a great first look at three of them.

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