Bath and Body Works shared a few more products that will be coming out soon and this collection is SUMMER themed!  Check out this First Look for Rewards App Members shared today.

The Bath and Body Works Candle Collection that surprised us all yesterday and sold out quickly became available again today at the regular pricing.  There was also another candle scent added today to the collection, Blueberry Pie. I have since updated the scent notes list below and added the picture to the collage.

A Bath and Body Works Good Thursday Morning! 

And it is a good morning for candle lovers because Bath and Body Works has surprised us with a New, Online Exclusive Candle Collection with a gourmand scent theme and it is selling out super fast. 

With names like Strawberry Maple Waffles and Brownie Butter Swirl, how could it not? 

When I first saw these names it reminded me of a "test candle survey" that was going to happen and then didn't because of the closures.  I am going to check the list of names and link my previous post to see if any match.  With the new ways we will be shopping at Bath and Body Works I am not sure if in-store surveys will be happening again for a time.  For now, here are the scents and notes of this new collection:

Bath and Body Works launched the New Mother's Day Reusable Bag today via the Rewards APP and the fans are going wild! If you love this bag, grab it now so you can get it sent to you in time for Mom.

A friend shared a photo with me of a blackened tote bag motif with the words sold out on it and the Apple Mandarin Hand Soap description. 

Finding the PERFECT gift for Mom this Mother's Day has just got easier!

This is Bath and Body Works Limited Edition, Mother's Day 2020 Tote Bag with Perfect Peony Signature Body Care included!  Check out the other items coming in this bag...including two candles.

I don't know the name of this New Bath and Body Works Hand Soap Collection but with its brightly colored packaging and fresh, fruity scent names it is worth a look.

If you are looking for a great spa-like gift of relaxation check this out.  Bath and Body Works has just released two New Aromatherapy Garden Collections online, Inspire and Serenity, and the timing couldn't be more perfect.  With beautiful floral packaging outside and scents to match, Inspire and Serenity is the just-right gift for Mom and everyone who needs to take a few moments to relax...scent-fully.

Bath and Body Works New Hand Soap Collections currently online for April 2020.

Bath and Body Works New Candle Collections for April online now.  Just in time for Mother's Day gift-giving.  Here is what is available, three-wick candles with two online-only exclusives as well as single-wick candles.