Bath and Body Works New Fresh Picked Hand Soap Collection.  This First Look was shared on Instagram thanks to @bbwrevol.  

I am not sure if these are considered part of the Semi-Annual Sale, but they could be and we will see them in stores and online then.  Whenever then is.  Here are the scents.

Bath and Body Works Stores are Reopening!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my postings on Bath and Body Works stores reopening in a few, select states beginning May 12th. And slowly a few more stores opened and customers began flocking to them to see what is new. I shared the stores' names/addresses that were opening and I will list them below.  For those who live in those areas, their daily email from the company included the stores scheduled for reopening.

Bath and Body Works Bold Blooms Body Care Collection was released a month or so ago with four Signature Scents to fall in love with this spring. 

But were there only four scents planned for this collection?  Apparently not. 

Bath and Body Works New Summer Semi-Annual Sale Collection.

The other night, a friend shared a few photos with me asking if I had seen these products before or were they something new.  Over the years there have been hundreds of scents and labels of body care out so you can easily forget a specific collection if it doesn't come back often.  I checked out the different photos and recognized the items as being new and coming soon. 

Bath and Body Works has begun adding some New summer-themed accessories online and here is a list of what I found.

Bath and Body Works newest hand soap collections were released today online.  There are bottles with cute sayings, a few colorful pastels and, my favorites black and white theme bottles with sea life motifs on them. 

Bath and Body Works New American Summer Hand Soap Collection Online Now with the Summer Body Care and Candle Collections.

Bath and Body Works New American Summer Themed Candle Collection, online now.

Bath and Body Works New Summer Body Care Collection has arrived online today!  Here is what is included in the collection with scent notes.

Walk into any entrance of my local mall and you will know immediately that there is a Bath and Body Works store somewhere nearby.

The aroma of the current floorset fragrance wafts throughout each of the wings luring you to find out what smells so incredible.  You scan every store you pass by, knowing it must be close as the strength of the fragrance grows stronger with every step, and you round the corner to find it...just up ahead of you...the projecting red and white gingham scalloped awning...that shelters the tea-stained cabinets and white tables filled with products...products you love...and a wave of this is home washes over you.

And that is how it begins.

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