Bath & Body Works | New Coupon Policy Effective February 24, 2020 Regarding The Three Day Grace Period

It was a busy information sort of day today...with some bits of information not being so fun to hear.  Here's what I know, and a few thoughts on it all.

Earlier today I was told a few different things and while I was hearing them, and confirming them as best as I could, I was sharing them on social media.

I usually know when something I have shared is going to get a welcome response and I always know when something is going to blow up the internet and my pages. One of the things I was told today...the COUPON currently blowing things up.

I can keep the information to myself.  There have been things I was told that I had to hold back on for short periods of time because it needed to be done that way...then shared as I do.  Gosh, that is so have no idea.  That happens thankfully, rarely.  Usually, when I hear, You hear. And this information about a coupon policy is something that should be shared.

Because if you think that Bath and Body Works is going to do some sort of press release to tell us ALL that they want US to know...( and don't want us to know ) you will be waiting a VERY LONG TIME!

That isn't how they do things.  Every thought of every motion that they do is done with US in mind.  Of course, their bottom line is tucked into the equation somewhere...I know that as you know that.  But when I think of all that I know of, I know that they are thinking long term and with us...their shoppers of this brand in mind.

Stop rolling your eyes... ( haha) I know.  And no I didn't drink the kool-aide...  I'm drinking tea currently.  And spillin' the tea too!

Anywho.  Today's comment regarding coupons.  Grace Periods...and how the POS systems are going to work.

Today I was told that beginning February 24th,  Bath and Body Works stores will no longer be offering a three (3) day grace period on expired coupons.

So what is that "grace period?"

A hundred years ago...some days it feels like me, Years ago when I was shopping at Bath and Body Works stores I was told in-store by sales associates that the company had a THREE DAY POLICY regarding their coupon use.  We could use them Three days before they come into effect and Three days after they have expired.  It was mentioned more regarding the bounce back ( put into your bag at checkout ) coupons.  Then it seemed to extend to the mailer coupon book coupons.  And eventually the email coupons.

As a loyal shopper, this was great news if you forgot to use a coupon up within the time-frame listed.  I had no problems using my coupons up in the said time-frame.  I shop, a lot. And honestly, 30 days is plenty of time to get to a store and shop at least once.  Watching everything around me as I shopped I noticed that I wasn't the only shopper that was reminded of this and I later came to find out that reminding customers of this offering HELPED the store meet their daily sales goals.

Sort of a win/win.  The customer didn't miss out on using that coupon that they had and the store extended a guarantee the customer didn't leave empty-handed.

I found it odd that the coupon had an expiration date on it...the mailer coupons and the bounce-back coupons...and those dates are usually 30 days yet they were giving you another 3 days???

Email coupons usually have a much shorter time because I think they are dated to correspond with the timing of their promotions.  So why add 3 more days?  I know when I shop at other stores when my clipped coupons expire, they are no longer usable.  The registers reject them.  They get tossed into the trash.  So why should I expect more from this store?

Sales associates had told me a few times that it wasn't a true policy that they were offering but more of a "courtesy" for the customer.

A courtesy that perhaps the company now thinks has been taken advantage of and would eventually need changing.

Social media has a way of shining a light on problems and with all of the shares of the " extended grace period coupon usage " when purchases were shared with the note to use the grace period and you too can have it for this became a speeding train about to derail the tracks.

I noticed over the past year or so the stores in my area have stopped taking any and all expired coupons.  Nothing mailer, email, nor bounce back coupons would be accepted.  They would say that the register refused to take them.

A sales associate admitted to me after the customer at the other register next to me left in a huff after " not getting the grace period" that the registers don't do that...the manager told her not to accept them and tell the customer that. Oye.

Don't fib to us...the truth comes out eventually and it makes it worse.

Personally, I don't "three day grace period shop using an expired coupon" because they were expired dates...I know that so it is what it is, I am not going to hassle the girl who is the face of the brand, she has enough to deal with.  That, and I still had a few survey coupons from way back so I am always ( while I have my last few) covered. And if I don't have a coupon, I usually don't shop.

What I am hearing since my posting of this information is this:
  • Plenty of stores never did grace periods so it doesn't affect them anyway.
  • The POS ( point of sale - register ) will not allow them now to scan the coupons to extend it so they can't.
  • There will be another $10 off coupon that will come out soon and it will be good until the 21st and that will be the last coupon that the grace period works on.

I know you are unhappy about all of this.  I had to share it because I like keeping us all in the know when it comes to spending our hard-earned money and saving all we can.  I am a shopper just like you and I am not a big fan of change too BUT I like knowing what to expect to prepare myself. Take this knowledge and plan your sales accordingly.

What I don't expect of you is to kill the messenger.  I see it starting with a few comments and, well, please don't.

Please stop with the...She's NOT B&BW. I don't believe her, blah blah blah... You are correct.  I am not.  You sit there and wait for them to tell you.  The rest of us will be shopping and having fun.
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