My Bath and Body Works $5 Fine Fragrance Mist Sale Online purchase arrived today!  Talk about really fast shipping. Three days since I ordered.

I wanted to go to my favorite stores to grab a few of these...okay, I wanted to go and fill up that blue mesh bag to need two big, burly men to help me carry it out of the store because it was so full...but I wasn't able online, at my computer, no blue mesh bags...or burly men -  HAHA was the way to go.

This purchase had a few mists from the Sweet On You Collection of scents, the Newly refreshed packaging on Japanese Cherry Blossom and a Champagne Toast. There was a $10 off of $30 coupon still in effect helping reduce the $5.99 shipping charge a little.

I planned on getting a few things on Sunday from the $5 Japanese Cherry Blossom Sale...and forgot to check out my cart online.

And I planned on getting the Free Wallflower Unit with two Free Bulbs Special yesterday and...forgot. Well, more money for the upcoming floor-set.

Instagram and Facebook are filled with all of your weekend hauls and I am enjoying checking them all out seeing all of the goodies you stocked up on.  I am sure I am not alone in wanting more of these flash sales so hopefully, they will happen more often and I will remember to check out.