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Sunday, 31 January 2021 15:15

Life Writing | If 2020 Has Taught Me Anything...

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my sharing some of the older things I have been clearing out of my "collection" of Bath and Body Works products and selling them off on Mercari.  This week I brought the majority of my Michael's Craft Store photo boxes filled with Bath and Body Works wallflower bulbs from the shelf to sort of thin out along with a bunch of units. 


Part of the charm of this brand is that every month something new that you "must have" hits the shelf and you end up adding that to your collection of other things that you "had to have."  The problem with that, for me, is I can't use it all up at once.  

Die-hard collectors know...if you snooze on buying it, it will be gone.  And any other time that would mean buy it!!!!  Now, not so much.

If 2020 has taught me anything...2020 has taught me -  Less is so much more.

So now I am adding more and more to the sale pile, and less on the keep. 

Here is how I was storing the wallflower bulbs.


Those Michael's photo boxes are awesome for everything.  I use them to hold hand sanitizers, back up medicines, office supplies, beauty products, fairy garden items, and so much more.  The patterns on the boxes vary with plenty of holiday inspired prints for sale throughout the year.  

I follow the sales on them to stock up on new as needed, and if by chance a awesome patterned box is not on sale, I may have grabbed it anyway.  What I love about these boxes is the organized look they give when stacked on the shelf.  I do tag them as to what is inside.

Much of my wallflower collection is in the former pointy bottom bottle style.  So no matter how hard you try, those little buggers flop over in the box.  I add a sheet of bubble wrap, ( you can even use a piece of that $1 Dollar Tree foam shelf liner product ) to the box first and it stopped all slippage.  

I separated my wallflowers by season...spring, summer, fall, and holiday.  Not that I won't use a spring scent now when we are getting a Nor'easter storm currently...or even a fall scent.  I use what I am in the mood for.   It's the part of having them organized helps me keep track of what I have. And goodness, I have a lot!

Here are a few of my favorites from times gone by - The shrink wrapped printed label or the special shape bulb.  Wouldn't it be great if we saw more of this?


I have a few bulbs that I am not sure of the scents.  Either the tag was off in the store when I bought the same scents...and forgot to mark it, or they lost their tags and I didn't care because I used so many at one time it didn't matter.  Those I may add into a unit purchase as a gift.  My goal is to have the least amount of collected things...and as with everything in life...it starts with one small step.  One small organized step. 

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