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Saturday, 14 November 2020 14:42

Life Writings | Saturday Morning and Social Media

Saturday morning and the sun is trying to warm up the 43 degree temps we are experiencing here now. Brrrr.

What happened to the 70 degrees we had only days ago?  It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day nonetheless and I am trying to decide on whether I should finish up the outside work and decorating before or after I get the inside work done.  I don't expect too many more sunny, warm days like we had last week so I should get the work done outside first I guess.

I thought about heading to the mall today to grab the Body Lotions while they are on today's one day only sale.  Maybe later this afternoon.

It's been a week.  Physically ill taking a medicine that made me sicker for a week, only to get a bit better...and emotionally disgusted at social media in general.  So much so that, well, you saw the outcome by now.

I deactivated the Instagram Page - Life Inside The Page Daily Finds.  My brother always told me social media is the devil's playground.  Ain't that the truth!

And the matching titled Face Book Page is currently Unpublished.

Who needs that garbage that was pushed at me -- in their face daily?   No one.

While there are such good, kind, decent people on social media, and they were that way to me that I consider them friends, the others who were not, out numbered them ten fold.  Which caused me unnecessary pain and to react back in defense. I don't need that.

So my first love of sharing on my blog is the place that I will be writing anything.  That is as soon as I get the yard work done.

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday too!

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