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Did you ever have one of those days?

It is 7:30am when the second alarm of the day goes off and I open my eyes to shut it off.  The first alarm is around 4 am when my hubby takes his first dose of many pills for the day.  I haven't been asleep for long by then, so I am tired.


I planned to sleep just a bit more while he had his breakfast, and then we could get ready to head out for supplies and mailing out packages.

I know the familiar sound when I hear it and I know the result when I don't get to it fast enough...and with positional vertigo for the last month, getting up quickly is not going to be fun.  It's part slamming your brain inside of your head, and part fighting the falling over, pulling you backwards dizzy response when you try to move.  I was now fighting both. 

And the sound is the security system going off because hubby forgot to disable it when getting the paper and checking out the weather.  He never heard it. This deafening, eardrum piercing siren that is designed to stop an intruder by triggering an instant migraine.  Making it that much harder to cover your ears, punch in the code without your glasses, and not throw up all over the panel because you got up and ran so very, very, fast.

Hubby walks through the door with the paper in hand and said, " Oh, your up."

Yes, yes  I am.  That, is pretty much how the rest of yesterday went.


One of the last stops we had to make was to Walmart.  I don't go there often but there are a few specific things I needed so in I went.  I buzzed around grabbing everything needed and headed to get checked out.

In the center of the check out area I noticed the flower displays looked pretty full as if they had been restocked, so I checked out all of the little filled vases for something bright.  This pre-Valentine's Day filled display had the prettiest of flowers in three pricing assortments.  $4.87, $9.97 and a $14.97.  

In less than a week the prices on this display will more than double for all of their beautiful bundles of love.  Truth be told, I am okay with passing on getting Valentine's Day flowers and saving the money for summer bedding flowers that will last so much longer.  But with the day we were having, after a week of 36" of snow with more coming,  I decided flowers would make it better.  

And they have. 

These photos do not do the flowers justice, they are really beautiful. One $4.87 bunch of the yellow carnations with the pink / salmon colored carnations, and one $4.87 bunch of four salmon colored roses with baby's breath filled the vase up.  There were large and small bundles of roses, and mixed arrangements and I could have taken them all home with me.

Check your local Walmart store for flowers now!  Before the price increases next week.

As for anymore forgetful newspaper retrievals...I put the remote clicker on my bedside table.

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