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My Dollar Tree store is beginning to set the Valentine's Day Collection as well as New Year's Eve, Easter, and Garden Supplies so if you like to do some DIY decorating it is always best to get what supplies you need when they come out.

I grabbed a few things yesterday including those glasses with the hearts on.  I thought they would make cute low centerpiece holders.  The Love and Heart Sponges are cute accents for a bathroom. 

There are stuffed gnomes coming and a few gnome wall signs that haven't arrived here yet that I wanted to get for gifts.  I did grab the pink rose bushes they put out - now for spring grave arrangements.  I try to get the silk flowers for all of the graves early before they get picked apart ending up with missing flowers and with the price being so cheap, I can make full arrangements on a budget.   

Those Russell Stover Strawberry Cream Candies are so delicious, I can't remember seeing them before but one bag came home with me.


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Here is a peek at some of the Valentine's Day items out in my Dollar Tree stores now.  There are some Easter items also being set, along with Gardening pieces.  I bought a few things that I will share on my next post.
For those who go all out on decorating for Easter, there is a boxed Easter Tree too!  I didn't take it out of the box to see how it looked, but I will on my next visit.  If it is like the Christmas trees it will be very cheap looking...but can be doctored to look amazing. I usually put up an Easter tree, and now use fairy lights for illumination. 
Also in one of the photos below, the Easter section has the sparkly felt drapes - like we would use under a Christmas Tree as a drape - in assorted brightly colored pieces.  These can be used in numerous craft projects that I will also share so you may want those as well.
Oh, one more thing.  Those wood Easter Baskets to paint with the letters in the center --  most of the alphabet is not available.    Don't pass them up if your letter isn't available. Tons of ways to use those too.  Adding to wreaths, adding colored film ( that you wrap baskets up with ) can wrap this basket up and add it to projects...plus so much more.  Stay tuned!
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