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Some New Hand Soaps arrived online today, and they match many of the products we will see in April for Mother's Day, like the Bold Bloom's body care and candle collection.

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I finally sat down for the day and look what I found. Some New Hand Soaps arrived online.

Look at those labels!

It's so great that while the stores are closed we still have this online option to see the new coming.

I am looking forward to ordering this collection of beautiful sea-life themed soaps.  Here are the scents:

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I have been waiting for a hand soap sale at Bath and Body Works since I saw the cute Easter labeled hand soaps coming for the March floorset.  I thought that sooner or later the sale would either be an email code required sale or a regular $3 per bottle sale...but then the world became a bit more complicated...and I knew we would not be getting a sale anytime soon. Because soap has now become a commodity.

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