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One of my favorite planners to keep track of my day-to-day is the Happy Planner I find at Michael's Craft Store.  Usually, their assortment of happy planners is huge, and the sizes of the planners vary from the very small purse size to bigger desk versions.  I am that girl who loves her a cute sticker and organizing things and when you put them together it becomes total happiness.

I use a small calendar in my purse to keep track of doctor visits, a planner, and a journal book on my desk for blogging and the Happy Planner fills in the rest of the gaps.  I could use my cell phone, sure, but I am old school and love things written down to review again and again.  There is something so personal about the written word.  It evokes emotion like no text or typed word could ever do.
Back to school supplies are filling the shelves at our Dollar Tree and Walmart stores so now is the perfect time to stock up on office supplies, calendars, and planners.
These are some of the Dollar Tree Planner/Calendars that are available in assorted colors, sizes, and glittered covers.
This is the Happy Planner I was able to purchase at Michaels this week. 
Because the stores were closed these past months, shipments haven't caught up since they re-opened so the selection of 2021 (18 months) planners was very limited in the size I wanted.  I looked through bunches of 2019/2020 planners scattered all over the display and found this one with the beautiful blue cover that was for 2021 way in the back.  
I don't really think of myself as magical, and I usually prefer a floral theme layout but after looking for one and not finding any I grabbed this and called it a day.  This cost me $25 on sale, and I cannot wait to begin filling it up.
One thing to note: My photos aren't doing this planner justice; the coloration is truly vibrant and rich and if you are in the market for a planner, check your Michael's Craft Store Happy Planner aisle. 
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