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Bath and Body Works have been adding a few new items in stores that are open as well as online and I have been updating my list of new when I see them.  Click the link below to check out the list as it updates as well as photos!

New Items To Watch Out For In Stores And Online

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Bath and Body Works New Cocktail Collection Body Care.

The first time I saw this collection it was for sale on the secondary market and I knew immediately that it was in packaging that I have never seen before so it must be new.  I wasn't sure what the name of the collection was, but by the motifs chosen for each scent, my guess of cocktails was correct.  Getting the items sent to me via US Mail got a few of the scents in my hands quicker than with ordering them from Bath and Body Works as they began adding them to the online site two weeks later.  I am still waiting for the arrival of my Fine Fragrance Mist order of some of these and the Tutti-Fruity scents.  

Bath and Body Works delivery times have been improving over what they have been during the shut-down, but they aren't quite what they once were, yet.  It is hard to be excited and then to wait...I know.

Last week they added two forms of the Watermelon Lemonade scent online and that and the Lemon Drop Martini are the last two fragrance mists I will need to complete this collection. I can't quite figure out the situation with the Lemon Drop Martini though...as far as its availability.  We are seeing some store photos that show they are putting this collection out in stores...yet not the complete collection of forms at once and only the body lotion in the lemon scent. And only the shower gel in the Watermelon Lemonade. They are also priced at 75% off while those of us online shoppers are forced to pay 50% off pricing.

I currently have the Rose Champagne, Lemon Drop Martini, and the Fresh Coconut Colada...all scents we have had before.

I can't really pick a favorite out of these so far because they all are delicious and welcoming to me in there own way. 

While I am not a big fan of coconut, this Fresh Coconut Colada is truly summer in a bottle and I find myself reaching for it daily. I am hoping the fine fragrance mist is as strong.

Tonight I put the Rose Champagne on and the dry down scent on me is bright and citrusy with a hint of floral but not perfumy floral...much different than it was when sniffed from the bottle. 

All too often I may smell a scent from the bottle and pass without trying it on my skin, making me miss out on some good fragrances. I am glad I grabbed these and have been taking the time to get to know how the scent reacts to me. So far, so good.

The Lemon Drop Martini was familiar to me and delicious that I spent some time going through my inventory of scents trying to figure out which scent it reminded me of.  My friend on Instagram @offhandbathandbody helped with that today and its match is Capri Coastal Citrus! 

I never felt it was even close to the Holiday Scent Bright Lemon Snowdrop.  They are two different fragrances for sure...to me. And isn't that funny how you can have so many fragrances with notes that are close to each other yet our perceptions of them vary?  

We know that Bath and Body Works re-use many scents under different collections with different names so it comes as no surprise when we come across a dupe.  

This packaging on this collection is great, nothing too fancy, yet nothing so bland that you would pass it up.  A summertime collection with black caps on the lotion bottles. So far, the body lotion was seen only in stores that are open, and not yet online.  Which makes me wonder...did this collection test out somewhere?  Test with a body lotion and shower gel alone?  Are there production issues with a few scents and forms that we may not have everything from all of the scents?  Like, what is the scoop on it? 

The Mother's Day Bold Blooms Body Care Collection had an extra scent, Blooming Garden, that didn't get included when it launched...yet wasn't seen out anywhere until SAS.  I found that scent on the secondary market also a few weeks before it launched online and knew it was once part of that collection.

Which got me thinking tonight...about upcoming fragrances that were planned to test...and now with so many precautions placed on shopping practices...will we see that happen in these upcoming months? 

This time of year, select stores normally have "surveys" out for body care for holiday fragrances.  Is the survey process now a thing of the past?  Will they launch test fragrances for the holidays?

Will we see Fall test candles out in stores in the next month?  Or will they just launch all that they had planned without a test? 

I was told that this year was planned out (pre-closure) to be bigger than last year.  I am hoping that the stores and shoppers can find balance once more with shopping safely without too much loss of those things we die-hard shoppers love about this brand.

Only time will tell I suppose.

When my online fine fragrance mist order arrives I will share more thoughts on this collection with the Peach Sangria scent too. As we wait for my Watermelon Lemonade scent to get here.


Cocktails Body Care Collection
Available in Body Lotion, Body Cream, Shower Gel, and Fine Fragrance Mist.
Scents Include:
Rose Champagne - A raise-your-glass blend of sparkling rosé, citrus splash, and apple blossom
Sparkling Peach Sangria - A fruity refresher of sliced peach, white wine, and orange peel
Fresh Coconut Colada - A refreshing cocktail of coconut milk, vanilla rum, and pink hibiscus
Lemon Drop Martini - lemon zest, sugarcane, and sweet cream
Watermelon Lemonade - watermelon ice, sparkling water, sugared lemon
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Bath and Body Works Stores are Reopening!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my postings on Bath and Body Works stores reopening in a few, select states beginning May 12th. And slowly a few more stores opened and customers began flocking to them to see what is new. I shared the stores' names/addresses that were opening and I will list them below.  For those who live in those areas, their daily email from the company included the stores scheduled for reopening.

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Bath and Body Works New Summer Semi-Annual Sale Collection.

The other night, a friend shared a few photos with me asking if I had seen these products before or were they something new.  Over the years there have been hundreds of scents and labels of body care out so you can easily forget a specific collection if it doesn't come back often.  I checked out the different photos and recognized the items as being new and coming soon. 

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