Friday, 17 April 2020 10:20

Life Writing | A Day In The Life Of Quarantine

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It snowed here a bit today.  Not that ground whitening, icy glistening, road covering sort of snow.  More of an attempt from Old Man Winter to rain snow on springs parade kind of snowfall...and I must admit, I liked it.

State Farm Insurance response to the COVID-19 Corona Virus.

Because all of us are staying home and driving less, State Farm is anticipating fewer auto claims.  They have decided to return that added value to us as a credit on our auto insurance bill.

State Farms' Good Neighbor Relief is offering its customers various payment options and about a 25% policy credit on their auto insurance policy for the time period of March 20th to May 31st.

Credits will be applied automatically to our auto policy bills, it may vary from state to state and should appear in June.

If you are a State Farm customer currently facing financial difficulties, you should call your State Farm agent for more details for assistance during this difficult time.



If you're like me and love stargazing, tonight will offer up something huge to be excited for. A Super Moon!

Of the three super moons we will have this year, Aprils Super Moon will be the biggest and the brightest as it is closest to our planet now and it is happening TONIGHT!  Check out this story...

I could leave this entire post blank because this decision is cause for no words.  But, I do have words and here they are.

Target has also implemented safety measures for social distancing in their stores beginning April 4, 2020.

Click Here to Read Target New Safety Measures

Beginning Saturday, April 4th, Walmart stores are changing the shopping process to encourage social distancing.  Here is what we will now see in the store...according to the store.

Monday, 06 April 2020 12:13

Life Writing | With Monday Comes Another Passing

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With Monday comes another passing. 

Here we are in Holy Week and I am sad.  Nothing feels as if it is right...I guess because it isn't. 

Sunday, 05 April 2020 08:13

Life Writing | Curfew Has Begun!

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There's a silent hush, all over my world...tonight.  All over my world, there's no distant sounds - curfew has begun!

Dear Diary...

When I wrote in my journals daily I never started them like that.  I would already be two sentences of thoughts in as if the pages already knew what was going on in the world around me and I was setting it up for my thoughts of it all. 

I am sitting here tonight with only the desk light on staring at this screen as my fingers hit the keys and I wonder...what IS going on in the world around me.

Some of music's biggest stars are inviting us into their homes for a one hour special Living Room Concert for America to help support everyone on the front lines of fighting against the Corona Virus Covid19.

The Concert begins at 9 PM and is hosted by Sir Elton John and we will see performances by:

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