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Bath & Body Works | Review: The New Bold Blooms Body Care Fragrance Collection - April 2020

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I received my Bath and Body Works Bold Blooms Signature Body Care fragrances on Saturday and I am now just taking the time to talk a bit about this collection.  I did place my online order for them as soon as they launched at the beginning of April so it took a few weeks to get here.  Let's talk fragrance...

Here are the scent notes the company shared with us:
Bold Blooms Signature Body Care Collection:

  • Black Cherry Merlot - dark cherry, black raspberry, sumptuous merlot
  • Champagne Toast - bubbly champagne, sparkling berries, juicy tangerines
  • Fresh Cut Lilacs - lilac bouquets, dewy greens, soft spring air
  • Whipped Vanilla Chiffon - wild vanilla bean, spun sugar, white peach blossom
Here are the forms it is available in:
Available in:
  • Fine Fragrance Mist
  • Super Smooth Body Lotion
  • Shower Gel
  • Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Travel Size
  • Hand Cream
  • (some) Hand Sanitizers

My Thoughts:

Packaging First.
Beautiful.  I love the colors of the fragrance mists they have chosen to represent each of these fragrances. 

A light purple for Fresh Cut Lilacs, soft pink for Champagne Toast, a muted soft yellow for the Whipped Vanilla Chiffon, and a darker pink for Black Cherry Merlot. 

The bottle's clear labels are also colored to match.  Each bottle has a raised flower design depicted on it with the design going almost completely around to the back of the bottle.

A gold-framed over a cream-colored  block holds each scents' name.

I only purchased the fragrance mists first to see if they would work with my chemistry, but the packaging on the other forms of each are equally as beautiful. 

Scents for this collection.

Fresh Cut Lilacs fits perfectly in this collection.  Spring = Lilacs. 

I think they added the Champagne Toast and Black Cherry Merlot as a typical go-to scent for an update to the packaging only, of course, as they both smell the same as they always have. For me, they are more fall-inspired scents, not spring florals. 

It would have been great to bring: An Orange Blossom scent.  What about Happy Daisy? 

I would have loved one of the Rose scents that they carry to be included in this spring collection to update that packaging. 

Now Whipped Vanilla Chiffon.  Beautiful fragrance, but on dry down, it is familiar to me of a fall fragrance we have had.

Fresh Cut Lilacs smells exactly like Lilacs. A beautiful floral.  And I love the fragrance because it smells great... except not on me. 

It turns for the worst, and I am not sure if it is the greens that make it bad on me or which scent note causes it but after it dries down I had to wash it off as it was nauseating me just to review it.

Which is the pitfall of buying something online...where you can't try it out before spending $15.50 plus tax for it.  (I think when stores re-open the rules for testing items in the store will be changed. As in, we will not be able to.)

This makes me wish for the travel try me size products in all fragrances of new collections.   I know they want to sell full-sized products more.   I saw only the Whipped Vanilla Chiffon and Black Cherry Merlot in the travel try me size when I ordered.

Now thinking about this, when you get a fragrance that you don't like, and can't wear either online or in stores...meaning you aren't 100% Happy with...what are the stores going to do about returns when they re-open with this time off due to the virus? What happens with online products purchased now that you don't care for - and the stores are closed - Online exchanges>>?

I'm guessing take them back like they usually did???...maybe wearing gloves???  How will they know...where it has been??


This Bold Blooms Collection is beautiful and I recommend trying the Fresh Cut Lilacs if nothing else.  I may order a shower gel in the lilacs to see how that smells on me since it is a rinse away kind of product form.
Let me know here or on social media what you grabbed from this new collection and how you liked it.

As always, thanks for listening...Tess


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