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Thursday, 14 May 2020 18:14

Bath & Body Works | New American Summer Body Care Collection - Boardwalk Taffy Fragrance Review

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Bath and Body Works New American Summer Signature Body Care Collection has launched online and I was fortunate to grab three out of the five fragrances to try and review now before the online orders ship. I will start with what I think will be a fan favorite scent, Boardwalk Taffy.

And on the first sniff, I'm ordering more!

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1. Packaging

2. Scent Notes

3. Comparison To?

4. My Opinion

5. Try. Buy. Or Let Go By.




Let's talk about the packaging first.  I am in love with the soft summer-themed colors chosen for each of these five scents in this collection. I suspect you will love them too and they will sell out quickly.

I have the Boardwalk Taffy Ultra Shea Body Cream currently and the watercolor look, soft pinky-coral color Japanese waves pattern on the label with the solid sea blue trim color at the top of the tube and the satin gold cap screams beach bag must-have after a full day in the sun.  The nameplate area consists of raised textured lines with a sailboat motif and a summer-like font.

Scent Notes.

On the back of the bottle, and online,  the scent notes read:

Boardwalk Taffy - Summer days spent strolling the boardwalk with the smell of saltwater taffy in the air. A nostalgic, summertime treat of spun sugar, pink berries, and whipped vanilla.


My Opinion.

Comparison To.

At first sniff, I smell sweet...sugary...delicious, creamy vanilla, with a hint of berries.  On my first sniff out of the bottle, I smelled Strawberry Nestles Quick, (that aroma that comes up from the glass as you're stirring in the Strawberry Quick powder), and as it melted into my warm skin this scent got better and better. Like Laffy Taffy too ...if you remember that candy from your childhood...if you are in your fifties.

For me, this is NOT some synthetic icky strawberry scent like we have had before.  And it is NOT Strawberry Pound Cake re-done.  I put that on my other arm to compare it, just to be sure.

If I didn't know the name had taffy in it, I would have said it was like a creamy, sugary-sweet candy of some kind, almost frosting-like that you want to lick off of the end of a spoon. But not so sweet that you can't wear it. It reminds me of something I had smelled not so long ago...but it's late tonight and I can't remember what.


Try. Buy. Or Let Go By.

This is a delicious gourmand treat that I cannot stop sniffing on my hand and I cannot wait to buy the fragrance mist and hoping the mist stays more to the gourmand side and not too perfume-like.


I have been waiting for all fragrance mists to launch online before placing my order, but I may just get an order placed before things sell out and add the missing Sunrise Sail mist on my next order.

I highly recommend trying this scent in the body cream at least.  And I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on how this fragrance was for you!


Please Note: my packaging is international with four languages and not the typical US-based label.

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