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Friday, 15 May 2020 14:31

Bath & Body Works | New American Summer Body Care Collection - Beachfront Blanket Fragrance Review

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Bath and Body Works New American Summer Signature Body Care Collection has launched online and I was fortunate to grab three out of the five fragrances to try and review now before the online orders ship. Today I will talk about the Beachfront Blanket fragrance.

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1. Packaging

2. Scent Notes

3. Comparison To?

4. My Opinion

5. Try. Buy. Or Let Go By.



Let's talk about the packaging first.  I am in love with the soft summer-themed colors chosen for each of these five scents in this collection. I suspect you will love them too and they will sell out quickly.

I have the Beachfront Blanket currently in the Shower Gel form and this bottle is a pearlized clear color with a clear colored gel inside. The nameplate area consists of raised textured lines and a summer-like font. A beach umbrella is a motif on the lower right side of the bottle at the end of a mauve-pink stripe. 

Scent Notes.

On the back of the bottle, and online, the scent notes read:

Beachfront Blanket - A transportive blend of fresh white linen, summer sunrays & soft musk  


My Opinion.

Comparison To.

When I got this Shower Gel on Wednesday, I gave it a quick sniff and thought it smelled sort of familiar to me.  If you love Bath and Body Works as I do, you too probably have a huge collection of various fragrances from years of purchases and sometimes they all start to melt together in your scent brain.  We know they do re-purpose scents to fit the current themes they are offering so it wouldn't be unheard of to get a fragrance that we have had before.  Because I don't have a body cream or mist to try on me, I was left to wash my hands with this Shower Gel to try and nail it down.

When I washed them again, for like the tenth time today, I think I figured out what this scent is...or what it reminds me of.  And fortunately, I still have some Body Sprays to double-check my conclusion with.

Cotton Blossom.  Scent notes of grass, sun-dried linen accord, mandarin blossom, jeans accord, peony, cotton, musk and baby powder.

I grabbed more of the Cotton Blossom spray during a Semi-Annual Sale and my use for them is not as body care.  I like to refresh my closets with a few sprays of it every so often. 
This Beachfront Blanket smells like a fresh pile of fluffy white towels, with its clean, baby powder-like smell. 

Try. Buy. Or Let Go By.

I did place an order for the Beachfront Blanket Fine Fragrance Mist so I could get a closer scent-look at the mist compared to the shower gel product.  I find small differences from product to product at times and the mist should give a clearer comparison to the Cotton Blossom mist I have.

I would recommend you try this fragrance if you love a clean, fluffy cotton towel fragrance.  And I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on how this fragrance was for you!

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