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Friday, 15 May 2020 20:27

Bath & Body Works | New American Summer Body Care Collection - Coastal Hydrangeas Review

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Bath and Body Works New American Summer Signature Body Care Collection has launched online and I was fortunate to grab three out of the five fragrances to try and review now before the online orders ship.

Tonight, I am reviewing the beautiful, Coastal Hydrangeas Body Cream.

And on the first sniff, I'm ordered more!

Reviewed By:

1. Packaging

2. Scent Notes

3. Comparison To?

4. My Opinion

5. Try. Buy. Or Let Go By.



Let's talk about the packaging first.  I am in love with the soft summer-themed colors chosen for each of these five scents in this collection. I suspect you will love them too and they will sell out quickly.

The Coastal Hydrangeas Ultra Shea Body Cream has a watercolored seaside green stripe pattern like those on a beach towel with the solid lavender trim color at the top of the tube, plus the satin gold cap.  The nameplate area consists of raised textured lines with a lavender-pink seashell motif and a summer-like font.

Scent Notes.

On the back of the bottle, and online,  the scent notes read:

Coastal Hydrangeas - A summer bouquet of fresh hydrangeas, ocean mist & golden apple


My Opinion.

Comparison To.

I find this body cream longer lasting than the Boardwalk Taffy scent was which is great.  I applied it earlier today and it stayed noticeably on for hours. It is floral but not what I would call too, too perfumey.

I tried this scent against many in my collection and I find it familiar to the La Fleur - Fresh Cut Blooms in a Flower Market - French Tulips, Waterlily, Freesia Blossom, Sparkling Mandarin, Sandalwood scent from The A La Francaise collection from 2017.

That's on my skin with my chemistry side by side.  You may smell something totally different.  This body cream on the first application has some green notes to it which I love and dries down floral but not overwhelming.  This is a perfect spring/summer scent and would be a great gift.  I was asked what do Hydrangeas smell like.  I grow Hydrangeas and I never really smell a strong fragrance coming from them in the heat of summer to know what their scent note is.  I'm thinking that was creative marketing to let you imagine the purple hydrangeas growing through the white fences below blue skies.    I will pinch some petals when they return this summer to see what they really smell like.  Haha.

Try. Buy. Or Let Go By.

I recommend trying this scent in the body cream at least if you like floral scents. I always suggest a body cream because if it is a scent you don't care for, you can always use it away from your face at night and moisturize your legs and feet.

I placed my order yesterday for the fragrance mist and I plan on placing a second order for more body creams.  Shower Gels are okay, but I have so many more of those to go through I will enjoy the mist and body creams more.


And I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on how this fragrance was for you!


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