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Bath & Body Works | Hand Soap Purchase - Easter Themed and Bamboo Paradise

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I have been waiting for a hand soap sale at Bath and Body Works since I saw the cute Easter labeled hand soaps coming for the March floorset.  I thought that sooner or later the sale would either be an email code required sale or a regular $3 per bottle sale...but then the world became a bit more complicated...and I knew we would not be getting a sale anytime soon. Because soap has now become a commodity.

I stopped in the store today, the first time all week actually, I noticed the Easter table of goodies was slowly getting sold out of items so I grabbed a blue mesh bag and a few of the Easter Bunny label soaps.  I went to the tropical scents soaps and grabbed a few of the new Bamboo Paradise gentle gel soaps in that scent.  I have not yet tried the gentle gel formula so this would be a great way to try it.

I was told when this Bamboo Paradise hit back rooms it is a Fresh Bamboo candle finally from a candle scent to hand soap. 

I LOVE, love, love this fragrance.  As soon as I opened it I smelled the most beautiful scent of the season for me...Easter Hyacinth.  When I shop at the grocery store at this time of year, the scent from the area where the flowers are kept wafts throughout that entire section filling it with their beautiful perfume...and its Hyacinths.  I treasure these Easter flowers for their time is usually shortlived.  This soap for me has captured that fragrance perfectly. 

The gentle gel suds up quite nicely and my hands weren't left with a residue feeling on them so that is a plus.

The Spring Has Sprung, Linen and Lavender Easter Hand Soap smells like typical lavender hand soap.  Floral and crisp.

The Happy Easter Sweet Bunny Berry Hand Soap is fruity and sweet and smells like the Swedish Fish candy I love.

The Some Bunny Loves You Sprinkled Donut Hand Soap smells like butter creme frosting to me.

All four scents are worth purchasing, and I will be grabbing a few more of the Bamboo Paradise to have at all of my sinks.


One Final Note:

Upon grabbing my receipt out of the bag to note the pricing, I found these names as the descriptions of the soaps.

ESTR LINENANDLAVE ...ok got that.

ESTR BTTRCREAM C ...well, that is what I smell so awesome.

ESTR SNOWFLAKE FA ... um, that's not swedish fish.  HAHA.  Easter and Snowflakes? Shhhh, I want to plant flowers soon!

ISLV FRESH BAMBOO ... which is Island Living Collection fresh bamboo scent.


The sale currently for these is 4/$20 or 6/$26 and I grabbed 7 bottles, that cost me after my survey coupon, $2.90 each plus tax - $21.53


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