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Bath & Body Works | Wednesday's Purchases

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Another recent purchase from Bath and Body Works. 

While we patiently wait for what seems to be the non-existent Tiki Bay Island Margarita Shower Gel that has been suggested to come as a late arrival (but I think won't come because of production issues) I wanted to be sure to get the mist and body cream at least.  I did grab these in the fun-sized forms and from the minute I tried the scent, I found it reminded me of a fragrance from Victoria's Secret my daughter always wore. I am not sure of the name of which one it was, but Tiki is very fruity to me with another note I can't quite make out.  Almost a creaminess to it.  When I have a moment I will check out Victoria's fragrances to see which one it was.

I also grabbed another Easter Bunny Wallflower because as I predicted, my auntie decided she wanted one now when they were sold out in stores here and online. I know her so well.

The hand creams in the Easter Bunny Packaging were purchased merely for the cuteness.  The Happy Easter scent is sweet and fruity and I love that.  The Chocolate Bunny scent is...warm with a smokey note on me on dry down.  Definitely a hint of cocoa powder/chocolate but NOTHING like Hot Cocoa and Cream is.

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