After yesterday and today's was a winter wonderland.

I was lucky enough to grab these in the Black offering for $22.46 with free shipping on QVC when they were doing a holiday shopping Fashions Night In program.  They are even prettier in person.  

I love the quality of the Prive Revaux brand so they are my go-to for reading glasses and sun glass choices.  I posted the link to these below.



When you're spending long days online, pop on the Offline blue light readers for a look that's smartly chic that features added protection from harmful rays! From Prive Revaux.


  • Style: Offline
  • Includes readers, trifold case, and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Scratch-resistant; anti-reflective coating; blue light protection; UVA/UVB protection
  • Custom barrel hinges with Akulon-coated screws
  • Lenses can be swapped out for prescription lenses
  • Lenses measure approximately 1-1/2"H x 2-1/4"W
  • Cannot ship to NY or RI
  • Imported 


Saturday, 19 December 2020 22:44

Life Writing | December Wintery Day

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Did you ever have one of those days?

It is 7:30am when the second alarm of the day goes off and I open my eyes to shut it off.  The first alarm is around 4 am when my hubby takes his first dose of many pills for the day.  I haven't been asleep for long by then, so I am tired.


I planned to sleep just a bit more while he had his breakfast, and then we could get ready to head out for supplies and mailing out packages.

I know the familiar sound when I hear it and I know the result when I don't get to it fast enough...and with positional vertigo for the last month, getting up quickly is not going to be fun.  It's part slamming your brain inside of your head, and part fighting the falling over, pulling you backwards dizzy response when you try to move.  I was now fighting both. 

And the sound is the security system going off because hubby forgot to disable it when getting the paper and checking out the weather.  He never heard it. This deafening, eardrum piercing siren that is designed to stop an intruder by triggering an instant migraine.  Making it that much harder to cover your ears, punch in the code without your glasses, and not throw up all over the panel because you got up and ran so very, very, fast.

Hubby walks through the door with the paper in hand and said, " Oh, your up."

Yes, yes  I am.  That, is pretty much how the rest of yesterday went.


One of the last stops we had to make was to Walmart.  I don't go there often but there are a few specific things I needed so in I went.  I buzzed around grabbing everything needed and headed to get checked out.

In the center of the check out area I noticed the flower displays looked pretty full as if they had been restocked, so I checked out all of the little filled vases for something bright.  This pre-Valentine's Day filled display had the prettiest of flowers in three pricing assortments.  $4.87, $9.97 and a $14.97.  

In less than a week the prices on this display will more than double for all of their beautiful bundles of love.  Truth be told, I am okay with passing on getting Valentine's Day flowers and saving the money for summer bedding flowers that will last so much longer.  But with the day we were having, after a week of 36" of snow with more coming,  I decided flowers would make it better.  

And they have. 

These photos do not do the flowers justice, they are really beautiful. One $4.87 bunch of the yellow carnations with the pink / salmon colored carnations, and one $4.87 bunch of four salmon colored roses with baby's breath filled the vase up.  There were large and small bundles of roses, and mixed arrangements and I could have taken them all home with me.

Check your local Walmart store for flowers now!  Before the price increases next week.

As for anymore forgetful newspaper retrievals...I put the remote clicker on my bedside table.

Sunday, 31 January 2021 15:15

Life Writing | If 2020 Has Taught Me Anything...

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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my sharing some of the older things I have been clearing out of my "collection" of Bath and Body Works products and selling them off on Mercari.  This week I brought the majority of my Michael's Craft Store photo boxes filled with Bath and Body Works wallflower bulbs from the shelf to sort of thin out along with a bunch of units. 


Part of the charm of this brand is that every month something new that you "must have" hits the shelf and you end up adding that to your collection of other things that you "had to have."  The problem with that, for me, is I can't use it all up at once.  

Die-hard collectors know...if you snooze on buying it, it will be gone.  And any other time that would mean buy it!!!!  Now, not so much.

If 2020 has taught me anything...2020 has taught me -  Less is so much more.

So now I am adding more and more to the sale pile, and less on the keep. 

Here is how I was storing the wallflower bulbs.


Those Michael's photo boxes are awesome for everything.  I use them to hold hand sanitizers, back up medicines, office supplies, beauty products, fairy garden items, and so much more.  The patterns on the boxes vary with plenty of holiday inspired prints for sale throughout the year.  

I follow the sales on them to stock up on new as needed, and if by chance a awesome patterned box is not on sale, I may have grabbed it anyway.  What I love about these boxes is the organized look they give when stacked on the shelf.  I do tag them as to what is inside.

Much of my wallflower collection is in the former pointy bottom bottle style.  So no matter how hard you try, those little buggers flop over in the box.  I add a sheet of bubble wrap, ( you can even use a piece of that $1 Dollar Tree foam shelf liner product ) to the box first and it stopped all slippage.  

I separated my wallflowers by season...spring, summer, fall, and holiday.  Not that I won't use a spring scent now when we are getting a Nor'easter storm currently...or even a fall scent.  I use what I am in the mood for.   It's the part of having them organized helps me keep track of what I have. And goodness, I have a lot!

Here are a few of my favorites from times gone by - The shrink wrapped printed label or the special shape bulb.  Wouldn't it be great if we saw more of this?


I have a few bulbs that I am not sure of the scents.  Either the tag was off in the store when I bought the same scents...and forgot to mark it, or they lost their tags and I didn't care because I used so many at one time it didn't matter.  Those I may add into a unit purchase as a gift.  My goal is to have the least amount of collected things...and as with everything in starts with one small step.  One small organized step. 

As I continue going through my totes filled with Bath and Body Works wonders, I feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole on a journey into the past of this brand.  So much of why I have a love for these things is tied to the products that spoke to me and became part of this collection so many years ago.

Now while I am thinning things out a bit, opening these big, over-filled Rubbermaid Totes is like stepping back into that time when my connection was formed.  I miss how things once were. 

I will continue to post some of what I call treasures from the past. 


Candle Sleeves and Pedestals:

Gingerbread Sleeve with House, Candy Canes, Gingerbread Men with White Vinyl Accents

Gingerbread Sleeve for a 4 oz Candle ( when they sold that size years ago. I will add fairy lights )

Copper Color Gingerbread Sleeve 

Fan Pattern acid-wash finish Mini Candle Holder and Three Wick Candle - Great Garden Theme piece.

One of the First Halloween Sleeves I Collected.

Flower Mini Candle Pedestals, perfect for place settings.

Green Finish Vine Sleeve

Star Pedestal with a washed finish perfect for summer and Fourth of July

Black Vine with Gold Interior Pedestal


( More to Come! )

Here is a peek at some of the Valentine's Day items out in my Dollar Tree stores now.  There are some Easter items also being set, along with Gardening pieces.  I bought a few things that I will share on my next post.
For those who go all out on decorating for Easter, there is a boxed Easter Tree too!  I didn't take it out of the box to see how it looked, but I will on my next visit.  If it is like the Christmas trees it will be very cheap looking...but can be doctored to look amazing. I usually put up an Easter tree, and now use fairy lights for illumination. 
Also in one of the photos below, the Easter section has the sparkly felt drapes - like we would use under a Christmas Tree as a drape - in assorted brightly colored pieces.  These can be used in numerous craft projects that I will also share so you may want those as well.
Oh, one more thing.  Those wood Easter Baskets to paint with the letters in the center --  most of the alphabet is not available.    Don't pass them up if your letter isn't available. Tons of ways to use those too.  Adding to wreaths, adding colored film ( that you wrap baskets up with ) can wrap this basket up and add it to so much more.  Stay tuned!
Saturday, 14 November 2020 14:42

Life Writings | Saturday Morning and Social Media

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Saturday morning and the sun is trying to warm up the 43 degree temps we are experiencing here now. Brrrr.

What happened to the 70 degrees we had only days ago?  It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day nonetheless and I am trying to decide on whether I should finish up the outside work and decorating before or after I get the inside work done.  I don't expect too many more sunny, warm days like we had last week so I should get the work done outside first I guess.

I thought about heading to the mall today to grab the Body Lotions while they are on today's one day only sale.  Maybe later this afternoon.

It's been a week.  Physically ill taking a medicine that made me sicker for a week, only to get a bit better...and emotionally disgusted at social media in general.  So much so that, well, you saw the outcome by now.

I deactivated the Instagram Page - Life Inside The Page Daily Finds.  My brother always told me social media is the devil's playground.  Ain't that the truth!

And the matching titled Face Book Page is currently Unpublished.

Who needs that garbage that was pushed at me -- in their face daily?   No one.

While there are such good, kind, decent people on social media, and they were that way to me that I consider them friends, the others who were not, out numbered them ten fold.  Which caused me unnecessary pain and to react back in defense. I don't need that.

So my first love of sharing on my blog is the place that I will be writing anything.  That is as soon as I get the yard work done.

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday too!

One month from now is the big day.  Santa's sleigh ride.  Where did the year go?  I don't know either.

And in two days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day - with turkey, taters, stuffing, and veggies.  Just the two of us.  No family, no friends.  So not normal.  We will drop off food for his dad and my sister without any contact and come back home and stare at an undecorated Christmas tree. Also, So Not Normal. The towering monstrosity is standing tall in my living room waiting for me to get out of my funk and dress it up.  Hopefully, before next week I will have a photo to share.  I mean I do need some place for Santa to put presents and me to put mine. 

Speaking of presents, I was thinking about Monday's experience and how I will be moving forward shopping for those things I want to get for the holiday.  

I wasn't thrilled with other peoples poor choices to not protect themselves and others...including protecting the workers of the store - um hello, with the removal of their masks to smell everything.  I mean...come on -- they are candles.  Do you really need to slide down your mask (and your kids mask) and stick your face inside of the jar until the wax rubs your nose, and then his?  For candles, that you claim, you won't be buying until Candle Day - which is twelve days away? 

This virus is no joke.  You may not think it's a big thing when you pull down your mask either because you don't think it is real or don't fear that you may get it...but we never know who we are around that may be very susceptible to getting sick.  People are coming and going all day in these businesses that we shop in and we can...come and go.  The workers there cannot leave because of inconsiderate behavior.  If not for the sake of others in the stores it for the workers.

I had to leave the store.  I wanted to go over and whisper to her, " put your damn mask on" but she probably wouldn't hear a whisper through the THREE masks I wear out.

I was close enough to her to simply tell her...loudly...but I have seen the news and how some react when you tell them about their mask usage and who wants to end up on YouTube or the Nightly News. cuffs.  Any thoughts of me in cuffs does not include a store selling candles,  wearing a mask and being dragged through a Christmas decorated mall while onlookers record it (and store employees applaud). HA HA HA Because they will...have to drag me.  HA HA.  And the officers best be wearing a mask.  :)

And before you think it, I shouldn't need to Stay Home if I am concerned about mask wearing and being out among others.  Our state and every business operating in it requires a mask worn, (when we leave our home) and worn correctly.  There are actual posters put on the door of  HOW TO WEAR IT and how not to.  Yes, we have come to that.

So I have to decide do I want to shop online only?  These great sales are being offered in stores where you can apply your coupons (and stack them this week) and online sales sometimes need a code...and no other coupons can be applied.  Online sales have shipping ( which isn't much, don't get me wrong that's one of the cheapest rates) and wait time until you get your item. 





I am not telling anyone not to go shopping at any store, or that it is unsafe to. I am sharing my thoughts and experience how I felt this week, and how I am trying to navigate life with a pandemic and soaring case numbers in my county while caring for myself and those elderly around me daily - with a bit of levity among the seriousness.  Only you can decide what is right for you.

Thursday, 26 November 2020 14:25

Life Writing | Making More Masks

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One of the things I love to do to relax when I find time...sewing.  I always made time to sew quilts and craft some time ago, then life got more hectic.  It's still a bit hectic but I make the time to make a few fresh masks at night.  The red truck fabric came from Walmart as a folded square piece just under $6., and the other fabric was a $1. roll of fabric from the Dollar Tree.  Both worked perfectly for this mask project.

When the pandemic first happened I found the pattern on YouTube.  The size when expanded protects your nose and chin.

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