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Tuesday, 21 April 2020 15:15

Life Writing | Pennsylvania Protests

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Good Morning World! 

How have you been?  Life is still on hold here in Pennsylvania and if you are following the news then you would have seen the spectacle at the capitol building in Harrisburg yesterday with people from this great state of ours out protesting defying the COVID19 stay at home order.  When asked his thoughts about the protests happening, our governor stated he didn't see any.

I do respect their right to do such things, protesting something you don't believe is our First Right of the Constitution.  I only had a few issues with what I was seeing as they were out doing what they thought would make a difference.

Oh, and the difference it made?  The governor locked us down now until May 8th.

The things that gave me pause over the protest...

  • Our Flag.  If you cannot muster enough strength, while you are out there doing what you feel you must do, to HOLD IT NOT bring it.  Dragging the flag ON THE GROUND is a huge NO NO.  Don't drag it on the ground...or drag it up the steps, you are standing on. 
  • Wear a mask out in Public that the CDC ordered us ALL to wear.  YOU may not BELIVE this is a serious situation, cleary by your behavior holding the signs "Open Our Bars."  But the rest of us who you will go home to and possibly infect in your daily routines DO BELIEVE it is SERIOUS.  Heck, something has infected over 32,000 Pennsylvanians...And has killed 1,100 people may be serious.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING was not practiced for sure.  While it was said this protest was going to be done with cars on the streets only, it was quite apparent that did not happen. 
  • If you are going to defy the governor's order, and the CDC's order, the government order...and go out and protest...can you please learn how to correctly spell the state you live in for your sign.  I know it is petty to mention it but, it is one of the small things if you want to be taken seriously.

Me?  I write my thoughts out, sitting here at my desk away from others.  My opinions.  Written to archive whatever moves me at the time. I do welcome other opinions on everything I share contrary to what is said about me. I do value others' opinions as I feel that they help me grow emotionally while giving me a different way to look at something.  We don't need to agree on everything, and we may never agree on how we perceive something that is in front of us.  Perceptions, for me, are inherent to your own life's experiences.  Those things that become part of your foundation from the beginning of your learning as you build the walls of your life daily. 

Granted, I can close myself off at times.  I know I am doing that now with a few things.  I mean how much hate can one person take? Some days, it is endless...not in life here at life on social media. The trouble I find with closing yourself off is possibly missing out on a chance to grow from the life experiences of someone who isn't a troll...that person who is so unhappy with their own life that they seek out to soil yours.  My life is good.  Challenging some days...of course.  But one of love which helps smooth over the edges of my broken heart pieces allowing me to enjoy the days ahead. Some people cannot find peace and that causes me unrest.

Since I am talking about Protests...

My Protests lately...Social Media...Rumor Mongers...and the hate-filled trolls that go bump in the night. 

Thank goodness social media comes with a BLOCK button.  And I use it.  Lately, I have been using it more only because my tolerance for the hate is at zero...( since 2010-2011, come on, enough is enough already) and I don't need it shared for others to see and read...when in fact they too may have broken heart pieces to deal with while staying at home. 

Case in point this weekend.  Saturday, I share a photo of the "Hand Sanitizer" branded bottle of rubbing alcohol I found in a store priced at $10 as I mentioned my recent run to the store for food is costing me more and my grocery bill is doubling lately.  I didn't buy the alcohol I shared,  I only made note of the finding of it, since you cannot find anything sanitizing in a store.  Most people responded with my same thought that is was price gouging, but they added in that it was now an illegal practice and it is something that could be reported in my state.  That's good information that I didn't know about.

One person decides her misery at being stuck at home was the welcome mat for my post about sanitizer ( rolls my eyes ) to begin her anti-government rants and raves over the government and how people who wear masks and believe all that is said and it annoys her....blah, blah, blah. Keep in mind, she's never once commented on anything on my posts.  Nada.   She then tagged in her fellow-like-thinker - her friend and the two began a tirade of hate for everything on my post ( about rubbing alcohol ) but nothing about the alcohol...and after responding to a few comments while not understanding all she was saying on a post about alcohol, I was done, and she was gone. Blocked.  Enough.  Others reading the postings were DMing me asking what was going on.  Heck if I knew.  Just trolls out for a walk I suppose.

Listen, I know, grow a thicker skin.  Ignore them, why do you care.  I care because this is what I do... I am sharing my thoughts...which is also, my right to do. You may not like me, yet you will still come and read me.  Read the great info I may the maybe not so great info I share...but you still come. When you make that effort to come, what you chose to do to me then becomes your responsibility because you had the choice NOT TO COME WHERE I SHARE.  and trying to ruin my reputation is unacceptable.

  • Think of it this way.  If the neighbor's dog comes up on your porch daily and takes a poo on your doormat and every day you step in it, you're not going to be happy about it. ( some days some of y'all come and crap on me )
  • You ask the neighbor nicely if he can stop the dog and it falls on deaf ears. ( you ignore my comments and continue to harass )
  • So it becomes your duty then, to stop...the to speak. 
  • So you block the dog from coming on the porch. ( Hello block button - and yet you are shocked when blocked )
  • --And if he finds another way up and still keeps coming up and doing it---you then have no choice but to throw it on the owner. ( post the crap you spew for the world to see )


I just don't understand that...going on a page, any page and starting up some nonsense about a stranger.  If you do that to feel's what to do....stick your typing hand in the doorway of your house and then slam the door really hard on it.  Guaranteed, you will know you are alive.

So after talking with a "friend" about the upcoming Bath and Body Works Mother's Day Bag and how soon it will hit the online page so we can get it for Mom on her day, I made a blog post and shared it.  Simple.  People on my page read it, respond happily like normal people do...and share it.

That posting lands in a group where it is shared for others who are excited about it coming soon.  And the troll.  Who makes no mention of the bag or the fact that is is coming soon on the posted link regarding the bag...responds only that I blocked her this weekend. Looking for another place to stir the pot about me now. Poor thing got blocked and she was  i n n o c e n t. 

Of course, someone else feels the need to inquire why I blocked this poor person, saying how petty it was for me to do that, I could have just ignored it.  HAHA. Why do you need to know> and do you honestly think she is going to tell you the truth?  She states she's on the angry side of the stay at home order now so she doesn't like the people being overly worried over the virus...where is the anger for others in this group...where is your anti-government hate speech now?  I have a copy of it if you need reminding. And the person who asked why continues to say that if I share I should expect differing opinions as long as they aren't rude.  Hmm...calling people petty isn't rude at all is it?

Then, of course, another person chimes in I block many people she knows...that I even blocked someone for not getting me test store stuff.  HAHA.  Aw, really? I did? Talk about fake news.

Don't think so. I can get anything from test stores without putting anyone out to do it for me. You know there are super kind people who offer all of the time. Super great people who post their finds on social media and always allow me to share the photos for my readers as well.  Kind of like what I did/do...for some who were first starting out to build their social sites.  All I can say is know the facts and not rumors before " coming on the porch." 

Anyway...that was my protest ----post for the day.  All done with social distancing in mask though...I was sipping tea as I typed.

I did get my Bath and Body Works Bold Blooms Body Care on Saturday and I want to jot down a few thoughts about them before moving on to other things to share.

It has been pouring here all morning and I am seeing peeks of the sun and blue skies now this afternoon.  We just can't get out of the 40 degrees temperatures here yet. 

I hope wherever you are, you are having a great day today...and always.  Thanks for listening...  Tess

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