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Sunday, 20 February 2011 22:08

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Hello! And Welcome

I am Tess, the blogger behind Life Inside the Page and it is a pleasure to have you join me here.
Why write a blog page you may wonder?
Since I was young, I have always written a paper journal of sorts.  I thought it would be interesting when I am old and grey to sit back and relive my life...just in case I forget.  I truly think of my life as a journal of days.  Every day I wake up, I get the chance to add another page to it as the chapters of my life grow.
Sadly and devastatingly on one ordinary day, my life changed drastically. And for a time I blogged publically as a release of the pain that comes with dealing with the loss of a child; the murder of my daughter Angeline.
I'd like to think that my Faith and the keyboard saved me then.
As I healed I found enjoyment once more in sharing those other things in my life that have inspired me...and here we are.
Some things about me:
I watch the sun rise and set every day.  They are a gift.
You will find I love all things that transform my house into a home.
Nature is what fills my heart with hope and wonder while creating things with my hands lets me release my inner child.
As a child, my mother taught me the value of all things and her love of creating things has spilled in my everyday life so much so that I see something to be created in live a creative life.
You will find many cameras on me at any given time.  They are an extension of my soul it would seem.
Capturing life's moments as they happen brings my heart so much joy.
I have a love...okay, an obsession with Bath and Body Works products for a very long time now, and I enjoy sharing all of the sneak peeks and insider information I get on that subject.  Before I was writing under this blog URL, I was writing under...Bath and Body Works Insiders.
A very patient man has been at my side for over three decades. I think it's because of his love of food and my love of cooking.
And I have more beauty products than I care to admit even though I believe beauty comes from within.
So that is just a little bit about me...for now.  The rest will be revealed... daily.

Let's Get Started!
Hugs, ❥Tess    
For any inquires or questions feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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