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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 22:36

Life Writing | Thoughts Of Thanksgiving, Christmas, And A Year Coming Quickly To A Close

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One month from now is the big day.  Santa's sleigh ride.  Where did the year go?  I don't know either.

And in two days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day - with turkey, taters, stuffing, and veggies.  Just the two of us.  No family, no friends.  So not normal.  We will drop off food for his dad and my sister without any contact and come back home and stare at an un-decorated Christmas tree. Also, So Not Normal. The towering monstrosity is standing tall in my living room waiting for me to get out of my funk and dress it up.  Hopefully, before next week I will have a photo to share.  I mean I do need some place for Santa to put presents and me to put mine.


Speaking of presents, I was thinking about Monday's experience and how I will be moving forward shopping for those things I want to get for the holiday.  

I wasn't thrilled with other peoples poor choices to not protect themselves and others...including protecting the workers of the store - um hello, with the removal of their masks to smell everything.  I mean...come on -- they are candles.  Do you really need to slide down your mask (and your kids mask) and stick your face inside of the jar until the wax rubs your nose, and then his?  For candles, that you claim, you won't be buying until Candle Day - which is twelve days away? 

This virus is no joke.  You may not think it's a big thing when you pull down your mask either because you don't think it is real or don't fear that you may get it...but we never know who we are around that may be very susceptible to getting sick.  People are coming and going all day in these businesses that we shop in and we can...come and go.  The workers there cannot leave because of inconsiderate behavior.  If not for the sake of others in the stores it for the workers.

I had to leave the store.  I wanted to go over and whisper to her, " put your damn mask on" but she probably wouldn't hear a whisper through the THREE masks I wear out.

I was close enough to her to simply tell her...loudly...but I have seen the news and how some react when you tell them about their mask usage and who wants to end up on YouTube or the Nightly News. cuffs.  Any thoughts of me in cuffs does not include a store selling candles,  wearing a mask and being dragged through a Christmas decorated mall while onlookers record it (and store employees applaud). HA HA HA Because they will...have to drag me.  HA HA.  And the officers best be wearing a mask.  :)

And before you think it, I shouldn't need to Stay Home if I am concerned about mask wearing and being out among others.  Our state and every business operating in it requires a mask worn, (when we leave our home) and worn correctly.  There are actual posters put on the door of  HOW TO WEAR IT and how not to.  Yes, we have come to that.

So I have to decide do I want to shop online only?  These great sales are being offered in stores where you can apply your coupons (and stack them this week) and online sales sometimes need a code...and no other coupons can be applied.  Online sales have shipping ( which isn't much, don't get me wrong that's one of the cheapest rates) and wait time until you get your item. 




I am not telling anyone not to go shopping at any store, or that it is unsafe to. I am sharing my thoughts and experience how I felt this week, and how I am trying to navigate life with a pandemic and soaring case numbers in my county while caring for myself and those elderly around me daily - with a bit of levity among the seriousness.  Only you can decide what is right for you.

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