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Life Writing | Like Alice Down The Rabbit Hole - My Journey Through My Collection - Candle Sleeves

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As I continue going through my totes filled with Bath and Body Works wonders, I feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole on a journey into the past of this brand.  So much of why I have a love for these things is tied to the products that spoke to me and became part of this collection so many years ago.

Now while I am thinning things out a bit, opening these big, over-filled Rubbermaid Totes is like stepping back into that time when my connection was formed.  I miss how things once were. 

I will continue to post some of what I call treasures from the past. 


Candle Sleeves and Pedestals:

Gingerbread Sleeve with House, Candy Canes, Gingerbread Men with White Vinyl Accents

Gingerbread Sleeve for a 4 oz Candle ( when they sold that size years ago. I will add fairy lights )

Copper Color Gingerbread Sleeve 

Fan Pattern acid-wash finish Mini Candle Holder and Three Wick Candle - Great Garden Theme piece.

One of the First Halloween Sleeves I Collected.

Flower Mini Candle Pedestals, perfect for place settings.

Green Finish Vine Sleeve

Star Pedestal with a washed finish perfect for summer and Fourth of July

Black Vine with Gold Interior Pedestal


( More to Come! )

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