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As you have probably noticed, there have been a few changes happening on my blogs.  The page color themes for sure have changed and as far as I am concerned, for the better.  I find these colors very soothing and warm and it truly made me happy that I could get everything to come together and work.

The next change is the content of my writings.  When I started blogging again last year after the five years of grief writings....I chose to start off by sharing publically about one of my favorite subjects....Bath and Body Works.  I had written about them before, just all wrapped up within the other blog.

So I proceeded to make a blog named   Bath and Body Works Insiders and I wrote away, sharing any and all information I could get.

I was met with some opposition that made me question why I would try to blog about that publically when no one seemed to care if I did or not. I was sick about the need for the drama about soap. So after blogging again for myself only...I changed the name of my blog to reflect more of what I love...Life.

Every day is a gift and with it a page in our book of life.  We write our chapters in how we live and at the end of the day, I thank the Good Lord for the pen in my hand and for the page to write on. 

And that was the birth of Life...inside the page.

Here we are coming up on a year anniversary of my blogging on BlogSpot and my goodness how things have changed for me.

I have some individual titled blogs here on BlogSpot where I can write and share about those specific subjects I love such as candles, makeup, crafts and more for those who want to read what interests them without going through the main blog.....all while having the main page with everything available shared for anyone who wants to read all of me---just daily.

No more limiting myself to writing about Bath and Body Works only.  That information I get will always be shared as part of my journal but there is so much more I need to say.  :)

Excitedly, a month ago I launched my own dot com Life Page.....brought on because of  more drama.  I needed a place that I could write and share and control how things are handled without relying on BlogSpot to act on my behalf always.

There, I have the categories altogether in one place...the branches of my tree so to speak, to be read as desired.

And tonight another layer of that page got a bit closer to completion with the test opening of the Life...Community.

Almost like a Facebook inside of my blog, community members will have the options to interact with each other and in groups, they can make up for themselves.  They will have the option to submit their own writings, photos and videos eventually to share in their groups.  Their life pages. 


What is great is that even if no one chooses to say a word or participate, that option will always remain.  One of many options to come.

So again I offer my warmest of thanks to those who stop by to read me and the things that are part of my world. 

Blessings,  Tess

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