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Life Writing | On Being Connected

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I have been watching my insights this week on my FaceBook postings and there have been two that were making me shake my head at the numbers they are showing.  
Now I don't base my postings on what the numbers will show.  The numbers have no part in what I share, and I have posted for years without noticing there even were numbers to look at.  Go figure.
Usually, I share the information that I find and think is important, fun, and relevant daily.  
Being it is holiday time there is usually so much going on in one day there are many things to post.
But not too many have had this kind of reach.
Bath and Body Works One Day Only Sales are important for anyone who needs to plan out their spending to get the most for their money for holiday gift-giving. Right?
Two posts seem to have been the most interesting that they have generated a lot of attention.  
The post sharing that was going to be Candle Day pricing was one and this posting about the Body Lotion pricing was the other.
The power of social media, and sharing.  
A random blurb about sales information on body lotion has generated a reach to over two million, seven hundred thousand people.  
Every share off of my own reaching out to someone else..and so on.
We are all connected in big and in little ways...what an interesting world this is.
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