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Life Writing | The Case Of The PR Candles

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There once was a time when a dirty word had four letters.

Lately, all over social media, the dirtiest of words isn't really a is merely two letters.  PR. And the backlash that is happening is terrible.

What in the world is going on?  I have been reading posts everywhere and watching videos that have me shaking my head wondering when did this social media train that we are all on...go completely off of the tracks.

It saddens me.  Sadness.

The devil is surely dancing watching what is happening lately over CANDLES. Something that should be filling our lives with scent and happiness.

Jealousy.  Childish behavior over who gets what from a company to review.

Who are ANY OF US to say who should get a product and who SHOULD NOT?

And labeling those who received the ( PR as we are now calling them ) candles to review as Liars who sugarcoat the truth to continue to receive more free candles and those reviews are now considered not credible.  Shameful.

Long before I ever received " those candles " I was reviewing for many other candle companies.  They sought me out, sent me what they wanted me to try and in doing so I shared my results.  Good, Bad and Indifferent.

As it turned out, the companies that let me review for them had really great products and I continued to purchase them, as did others. { those companies give a reviewer code for me to share for discounts to those who purchase in order to keep track of who is being watched}

When HomeWorx Candles announced they were coming to QVC I was there for the first presentations and placed my orders.  Why?  Because I trusted the name behind the brand and I trusted the fact that QVC would back up anything I didn't receive as described.

The items, ( not only candles ) came and I have been adoring them ever since... who wouldn't...they are really good.

Later this year, I was asked my thoughts on the items I had been mentioning in my random postings that I was buying and later I was included in receiving some candles to share my thoughts about.  An incredible, generous opportunity.

I guess I don't review like everyone else as I make a point to write out all of the details of each candle because I think of my blog as an archive of sorts.  Anytime I want to look back on a posting, I can see all of the details about the piece...not just how it made me feel and what I felt about the fragrance.  Others may do it however way they are comfortable with and I appreciate their opinions.  It doesn't diminish the quality of the thought behind it.  Only Hate does that.

In my experiences, I have had nothing but positive feedback from my postings as well as great questions asked both publically and privately.  I am not here to tell you to buy this brand...or any brand.  I leave that all up to whoever reads my thoughts on what I found.  It is that simple really.

So seeing this NEW pattern of adding the letters ( PR ) and NON-PR ) to postings, both here and on Youtube...UGH.  Really?

Not.  I will not start doing that because someone woke up mad at the world and tried to shake it up like a snowglobe for a time. Eventually, the snow will fall to the bottom...and the truth will be very clear to see.

I am thankful for the product and the generosity that is behind the offer for me to review it.  I disclose as much and I share my thoughts with a truthful heart.

Because I blog, I do offer a disclaimer to reviews of items I have received for review purposes.  I am not compensated in any way to do these reviews ( or any I have ever done ) ...and if I were...I would have to disclose that too.  Simple.

All that being said, I am looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts on the new candles that are currently landing on doorsteps everywhere.  And I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine.

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