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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 02:33

Life Writing's | You've Got Mail!

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I woke to the sun this morning, brightly piercing the small spaces in the blinds flooding my room with light. It was time to get up but truth be told an hour later would have been okay with me.  I rose, grabbed my phone and scuffed my feet across the carpet to the windows.

The brisk air that filled the room when I opened the window to snap this morning's picture reminded me that the calendar reads January, not July and I closed it with a shiver. Another cold day ahead. Twelve degrees.


I take a photo every morning when I wake for my personal Facebook page...a sort of archive of each day to remind me of the changes happening around me.  My friends and family in other states seem to appreciate this other look into my life...a sort of small way to close the distance gaps we all have.  I post the photo, dress and grab a banana and juice before heading out for the day.

My Aunt was getting her hair done this morning before heading to Bath and Body Works and I wanted to try to surprise her and meet up with her before she got there.  She saw the new double Valentine Hearts wallflower online and wanted to grab a few of those today.  My meeting with her was to help her find the best use of her coupons for the items she wanted to get.  That, and I love seeing her.

Fortunately, my timing was perfect as she was heading into the store at the same time I was and I showed her all of the new that had arrived that she would be interested in.  She's not a user of Bath and Body Works body care collections.  She has a signature scent; White Diamonds which smells beautiful on her, and she sticks to that alone.  She will carry a pocketbac holder on her she grabbed the pink fairy.  And she has used their candles and room sprays and has a collection to get through she said before buying more.  At 80, I wish her a very long life to get through them all so we can shop for more together.

She made me laugh when she began noticing the price increases on everything around her.  Like my husband, she stated quite loudly in the store..." are they crazy?"  Her sudden outburst made me laugh out loud as I continued my hunt for her Sweet Pea Wallflower bulbs.  She then asks me did I notice the which I smiled and shook my head yes.  I mean...duah Auntie.

Hence the other reason to come with her...she makes me laugh.

She checks out her $68.00 purchase and I check out my $6 Strawberry Pound Cake Body Cream purchase and I walk her to her car. Along the way, we talk about the new car she would like to that starts at $48,000 and I bat my eyes at the cost and our conversation...and she tells me how beautiful my eyes are, kisses and hugs me and goes on her way. My heart is happy.

I continue with all of my errands and stop by the Post Office to check my box before taking food to my father in law.

This PO Box is tied to the blog so while sometimes I get items to review, gifts from friends, junk mail and the occasional bill to pay, there is seldom a time I find a key in it.

Meaning, I've Got Mail!  Of the package sort.

I stick the numbered key into the corresponding numbered big mailbox and open it to find...a white box. For ME!

My husband said I had a huge smile on my face as I left the post office, now clutching this white box while carefully walking to the car trying not to slip on the residual ice from last weekend's snowstorm.

We still had things to finish before I would check out what was inside this box ---and let me tell you THAT was hard... haha... but when I did open it, I was blown away at the kindness and generosity shared.  So was he.

What an incredible gift...these gifts from the heart from such a kind friend who wanted me to have them. Something that I have mentioned here in passing as blurbs of thought at the time...written, then moved on from.  Never expecting to get them.  Either by missing out on trying to get them or by them never being available to get. Now sitting before me.


Thank you can't even come close to expressing the depth of joy I felt in receiving the gift...but Thank You, Thank You So Much!  Your kindness, like the sun this morning, added to the happiness of my day.

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