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Life Writing | Curfew Has Begun!

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There's a silent hush, all over my world...tonight.  All over my world, there's no distant sounds - curfew has begun!

As expected, Saturday evening at 8 pm my little town went on lockdown until 6 am.  This curfew will continue on through this week in the hopes that the city council extends it indefinitely.  No one is permitted on sidewalks and roadways overnight in an effort to try to keep our residents in their homes under the Governor issued quarantine.  I would think it is a simple thing to understand with all that has been shared.  Stay in...stay healthy.  Nope.  There are still those who continue to ignore the efforts made to keep us safe and go on with business as usual.

For us, it's no big deal.  Barring any issues with his dad that we would need to get to him in an emergency we are tucked into our little house taking care of what we need to protect us...and others.  We have not gone outside to rake up the yard and prep the flower beds for planting.  Actually no one has around here yet.  We...sort of don't trust all that we are hearing regarding the spread of this contagion so we will wait a bit for a little warmer weather and more information. 

We are hearing on the news that it is being considered an endemic disease and it is predicted to return next winter. So the hustle is on to find something that will work to combat it now while we figure out what will protect us again later. 

Saturday at 8 pm there were no cars moving on our usually very busy street.  That was until 8:24 when someone tried to outrun the speeding police car chasing him.  We could hear him coming and then saw the red and blue flashing lights. After that, it was eerily quiet.   Not even a sound of those things that go bump in the night

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