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Life Writing | Two Ohio Bath & Body Works Stores To Re-Open During A Stay-Home Crisis

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I could leave this entire post blank because this decision is cause for no words.  But, I do have words and here they are.

What are people thinking?  Hand Sanitizer and SOAP? These two items have become more of a valued item than HUMAN LIVES?

ABC 6 News on your side article

The article from ABC News reads that they have stock up on hand soaps and sanitizers.

(pause)  I took a deep breath with that pause. 

If Bath and Body Works wants to Promise to stock up on more hand sanitizer and hand soaps why not increase the stock online so we can buy them there, safely away from PEOPLE. 

This whole, "We plan on only a few people in the two stores at any time to practice social distancing," is ludicrous. 

What is going on?  No, really?  We are in a medical crisis currently that worsens with every passing day.  Every state is showing the current numbers of their infected population as well as the loss of life this virus has caused.  Is no one watching?

So with a stay at home quarantine order out someone came up with the idea of, Let's OPEN UP AGAIN?"

Bath and Body Works...if you want to, really help during this crisis...make more sanitizer and DONATE IT to EVERYONE fighting this virus war on the front line.  Then make that much more to sell it to us safely via your website.

Let those dedicated workers you put in these two stores GO HOME to be safe with their families so they too won't be bringing every damn germ home with them from the customers who shopped for five bottles of sanitizer during their shift.

Actions, speak louder than my big mouth.  Do the right thing now. 


A NY POST Article On The Subject


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