Tuesday, 10 March 2020 21:11

Shop | Life Inside The Page - Blog Sale

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I have been going through some of my Bath and Body Works, Rae Dunn and other collections I have and I am ready to de-stash a bunch of it.  I do use the selling apps Depop and Mercari so you will see these items available there.  I will provide the links to those sites below.  If you are interested in anything I have, I will post how to purchase it below.

Friday, 28 February 2020 15:59

Shop | Information On My Current Blog Sales

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Here is some information on where I offer those things I am destashing and what those items are.  You will notice many items are from Bath and Body Works, Target, TJMaxx and Rae Dunn and craft products from Michaels Crafts. And I have plenty to still post.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 23:12

Shop | Bath & Body Works Body Care Test Stores

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Here is a current list of Bath and Body Works stores that test body care products.

Monday, 24 June 2019 00:05

Shop | Bath & Body Works Candle Test Stores

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Here are the locations of the Bath and Body Works Candle Test Stores that I know of, and that confirmed they should have the test candles available when they release.

Locations are subject to change of course and not all locations will confirm on the phone should you call.