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Here is some information on where I offer those things I am destashing and what those items are.  You will notice many items are from Bath and Body Works, Target, TJMaxx and Rae Dunn and craft products from Michaels Crafts. And I have plenty to still post.

Basic Info:


All items are new ( unless otherwise noted ) and will come from a clean, smoke-free, pet-free home.

I currently ship only domestically in the US.  No International currently.  

I have been shipping items for more than twenty years so I will wrap your item to get to you safely.  I recognize that there are circumstances beyond my control when it leaves my hands; weather (heat and cold may affect candle wax), the occasional over-worked postal person, and porch pirates, so I try to pack accordingly. 

I do invest in bubble wrap to cushion and protect.

I will use newspaper to stuff the box and plenty of tape to get it as solid in the package as possible.

Shipping charges?  That's another story.  Shipping rates have gone bonkers.  Truly.  I don't know why things have gotten so expensive but I do offer to ship via the shipping apps MERCARI and DEPOP to help lessen the blow of overgrown rate increases.  Shipping from me personally is expensive via USPS, so those apps can offer a break...a little.


They too have had increases in changes ( mostly because some try to beat the system and they are cracking down ).

I mainly ship US Mail because we no longer have a place to drop off FedEx here in town.

Priority Mail, as well as First Class, will get you your item even on a Saturday.

And I ship quickly.

You can find my offerings on both sites ( Mercari (Tess)  and Depop (@snowymtsewing) ), and if you prefer one over the other, I can move it to that App site for purchase. Depop does offer the occasional Free Shipping weekends, or weekdays with a qualifying dollar amount purchase ( which can save you a lot ).  I don't offer Free Shipping myself.

Please note:  I incur tons of fees to sell via selling apps.

Mercari charges me 10% of the item purchased. They hold the funds from the sale until you receive your item, and after you rate me within three days it will then be released to me.  Then it takes a few days to deposit in my bank account.

Depop charges me 10% of the item purchased.  They also charge me 10% of the SHIPPING COST! which I have nothing to do with.  The money is sent to Paypal and Paypal charges 2.9% of the total Shipping and Item cost plus 30 cents in fees to receive it.  So there are plenty of hands in the pie so to speak.

My inventory changes so check it often.

If you are looking for something specific, drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as I may have it.

If you want to combine something to save on shipping charges, be sure to send me a note on whichever app you are using BEFORE you pay.  


In some cases, the items can be bundled into one box.  In other instances, I will have to break it up to qualify for the weight requirements of the shipping costs.

If you are unsure of something in the photos, it is always better to ask me prior. Mercari allows me to add 12 photos, where Depop offers me only 4 spots for pics.  With selling Rae Dunn Ceramics it is hard to show all flaws if there are some.

I think that is about it...If I think of anything more to add I will update this post.

Check out your APP Stores for the MERCARI  and DEPOP  apps and I look forward to talking with you again soon. 


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