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I have been going through some of my Bath and Body Works, Rae Dunn and other collections I have and I am ready to de-stash a bunch of it.  I do use the selling apps Depop and Mercari so you will see these items available there.  I will provide the links to those sites below.  If you are interested in anything I have, I will post how to purchase it below.

I do have items listed currently on both Mercari and Depop APP services if you are familiar with shopping on those sites.  I will post all of the items I have to de-stash there.

Occasionally Depop offers free shipping days which can help offset the super high shipping costs both sites and the USPS are charging. The trouble with that is we never know when those free shipping days are until they happen and I will post when the free shipping happens.


I personally can't offer free shipping. The fees these sites are charging me are soo high.

Depop Fees For Me: 10% charged on the total amount of your item and your shipping cost!  Plus Paypal Fees For Me:  are 2.9% plus 30 cents of your purchase total.

Mercari Fees For Me: 10% charged on your item. Plus a wait for me to get the funds from the sale. 


I pack very well for your items to reach you intact.  I mean if a gorilla grabs your box off of a mail truck and is running down Main Street with it...it may be okay. I will pack for you like I would want the items to come to me.

I can combine items into one box, as possible depending on what is purchased, for one shipping cost based on the box's weight.  Please ask me to combine into one posting BEFORE purchase because I cannot cancel the sale if you purchase things separately.

I do not offer FedEx shipping. Our town closed the only location I could have shipped that way with so I deal with US Mail only.  And I try and mail every day to get your items to you quickly.

I have more than 20 years of experience in packing.  Items have weight to them, not only the ounces that are printed on the item.  All of that is part of the shipping weight costs.

I only mention that because, some customers have thought a 14.5 oz three-wick candle would ship for under one pound - not taking into account the weight of the glass jar it is in, and the box, stuffing, and tape.  I am very careful about the weight of the packages because of my small post office that re-weighs every box leaving to assure there are no extra charges to the buyer upon delivery.


Items for Sale:

Everything I offer will be New, with tags from a very clean, non-pet, non-smoking home.

I take photos of everything I offer and I try to explain any issues or flaws a piece may have.  

Especially with the Rae Dunn Pottery Items.  That brand is known to always have some kind of flaws on them  It is expected.  If you need further clarification on something, please contact me.  


I want anyone who purchases something to be happy with that item and thank you for checking out my sales.



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