On a quick trip to the Dollar Tree today I saw the seasonal wall was now starting to get some fall-themed products added.  Here are a few photos from the small section I saw.

When our area finally moved into the yellow phase of quarantine a few weeks ago I wondered just what that would mean for area businesses around here...especially our mall.  Month after month of everyone staying indoors except for food shopping had turned my little town into a ghost town of sorts.  No one was outside.  Not for a walk, not in their yard. Not on the roads in the early morning hours.  Nothing.  For months.  We were under curfew from 8 pm until 6 am but you would expect to see...or hear something.

Thursday, 11 June 2020 20:54

Nature | Baby Robins In A Birds Nest

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Robins in a nest in my Colorado Blue Spruce tree today.

Thursday, 11 June 2020 20:29

Nature | Blue Iris In A Garden

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Blue Iris flowers in the garden today.

I have always wanted to buy a Bee Skep for decorating the inside of my home and my garden but if you are like me and have searched for them too you would see just how expensive they are, how hard they are to find, and how quickly they sell out when found.
Luckily, I saw a creative way to make a Bee Hive while saving a ton of money.  After trying it for myself I just had to share the "How To" of this project for other DIY Crafters.
I am reposting this posting of mine from April of last year as it is the perfect time to find these supplies in your Dollar Tree Stores to make this bee skeep for yourself.  You can use various sizes of flower pots to layer in this adorable look everywhere in your home decor. 
Thursday, 23 April 2020 12:19

Life Writing | The Perils Of Life In Nature

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After yesterday's Earth Day posting, of the three beautiful brightly blue colored robins eggs, today's posting is not a happy one. 

On my walk to the garage this morning to put away some of the last remnants of Christmas I saw a blue egg laying on the grass below the nest and my heart pieces sunk a bit.  Sure enough, the nest was raided overnight and the eggs are gone.  Darn Crows.

I am always in awe at how birds build their nests...WITHOUT HANDS.  And hopefully, the robins will get another nest made later this spring better hidden from their predators and I can see the baby littles scamper around my yard along side of the baby bunnies.  Currently, there are four large rabbits running around in my yard so their warren must be close by. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 09:27

Life Writing | Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day!

At a time when the world is chaotic, it is the simplest of things that remind us to smile for the little things and know tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 15:15

Life Writing | Pennsylvania Protests

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Good Morning World! 

How have you been?  Life is still on hold here in Pennsylvania and if you are following the news then you would have seen the spectacle at the capitol building in Harrisburg yesterday with people from this great state of ours out protesting defying the COVID19 stay at home order.  When asked his thoughts about the protests happening, our governor stated he didn't see any.

I do respect their right to do such things, protesting something you don't believe in...it is our First Right of the Constitution.  I only had a few issues with what I was seeing as they were out doing what they thought would make a difference.

Oh, and the difference it made?  The governor locked us down now until May 8th.

Friday, 17 April 2020 10:20

Life Writing | A Day In The Life Of Quarantine

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It snowed here a bit today.  Not that ground whitening, icy glistening, road covering sort of snow.  More of an attempt from Old Man Winter to rain snow on springs parade kind of snowfall...and I must admit, I liked it.

State Farm Insurance response to the COVID-19 Corona Virus.

Because all of us are staying home and driving less, State Farm is anticipating fewer auto claims.  They have decided to return that added value to us as a credit on our auto insurance bill.

State Farms' Good Neighbor Relief is offering its customers various payment options and about a 25% policy credit on their auto insurance policy for the time period of March 20th to May 31st.

Credits will be applied automatically to our auto policy bills, it may vary from state to state and should appear in June.

If you are a State Farm customer currently facing financial difficulties, you should call your State Farm agent for more details for assistance during this difficult time.



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